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The best smartphone case for RVers, hands down

By Mike Gast
I’ve had a smartphone since they invented the things. My previous employer wanted me in touch 24/7, so the phone was always on and always at my fingertips. That meant the actual phone took a lot of abuse as it came along on hikes, meetings, bike trips and vacations. Where I was, it was.

The constant companionship of a smartphone led me to become an expert in phone cases. Silicone, hard plastic, padded corners, waterproof membranes … believe me, I’ve tried them all.

I’ve always returned to cases from Rokform®. This loyalty doesn’t come entirely from Rokform’s ability to protect my phone. Finding a “bullet-proof” case isn’t that hard. What makes Rokform stand apart is its seemingly endless quest to add features that make it easier to securely take your smartphone anywhere you’d like.

Rokform is really a case-attachment system that goes far beyond just protecting your phone from the dropsies.

The first step with Rokform is to find your case. They make them custom-fitted for every make and model. All cases are rigid, and not simply floppy silicone sleeves. You can go the “lightweight” route, with see-through acrylic bodies and reinforced corners. You can also go ultra-protective, with heavy-duty polycarbonate cases that will nicely survive a 10-foot fall on concrete.

Rokform takes a step above other smartphone cases

But where Rokform takes a step above other cases is in “attachability.” First, every case comes with a unique cutout in the back that allows it to lock on to a plethora of attachments with a solid quarter turn. Every case also has an extremely powerful rare-earth magnet in the back that locks on to a variety of holders and tools. Don’t worry, the magnet does not interfere with cell reception in any way.

I can’t emphasize enough how handy it is to have a powerful magnetic case for your smartphone. It sticks – very firmly – to any metal object. Any metal railing, sign or building becomes a hands-free holder so you can finally put yourself in those family photos. It will stick on the metal rails of your golf cart for the same purpose. I’ve made the mistake of putting my magnet case on the fender of my car while loading groceries and driven all the way home. My phone hadn’t moved even an inch three miles later when I realized my mistake.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the mounts and accessories available

  • Bike Mounts: There are bicycle mounts that attach directly to the fork bolt between the bike’s handlebars. Lock your phone to the mount and pedal away.
  • Motorcycle Mounts: These attach directly to your cycle handlebars and again have that patented locking device to make sure the phone stays put.
  • Car/RV Mounts: Take your pick here. There are magnetic swivel dash mounts, magnetic vent mounts, a powerful magnet that uses 3M adhesive to attach directly to the dash, a windshield suction mount, and a “male end” for the locking slot that again attaches to the cash via 3M adhesive.

And for accessories, Rokform has:

  • Universal adapters that attach to the back of any other brand’s phone case to add the locking mechanism.
  • A magnetic “G-Rock” Bluetooth speaker that goes anywhere and sticks to all metal.
  • Locking belt clips.
  • Pop sockets and attachment rings to help you hold on.
  • Wireless chargers that fit on your dash and lock onto your phone.
  • A rugged, water-resistant wireless charger that delivers 4,000 megahertz when you lay your phone atop.

So, those are the pros. The only real “cons” I can include are the weight and perhaps the cost. Some of the cases, especially with added weight of the magnets, can get a bit hefty. As for the money, keep in mind this case will far outlast the lifespan of your phone, and that’s worth something extra.

Take a look at the full line of Rokform cases on Amazon, or visit their website here.


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David F.
1 month ago

What a great idea! I bike, ride a motorcycle, work outside, and generally am rough on the phone. Have the phone in a protective case with a screen protector, and carry it on my belt in a Nite Ize case. Had not heard of this company before, will be looking at them for sure.

1 month ago

LOL, it’s a plastic world. There is exactly one place in my motorhome that magnetic hooks will stick to. Campsite picnic tables are wood. Camp chairs are aluminum.

1 month ago

I like the concept but I keep my phone in the same pocket as my wallet and that very strong magnet would probably kill the mag strips on my credit cards.

2 months ago

Looks like an excellent case for protection. Also the magnet idea for hands free use is great and would, in many cases eliminate the selfie-stick. But alas, it won’t stick to the pure gold railings in your Rv etc! Darn! (Lots of them around – right?). Thanks for reviewing!

John Koenig
2 months ago

“The best smartphone case for RVers, hands down”

I see this title as Click Bait and “Johnny Robot” (AI) advertising. I have ZERO interest is this case (or those similar to it). Possibly, you’re EXTREMELY “rough” in your treatment / use of expensive phones; I’m not. I’ve been using what you refer to as ” simply floppy silicone sleeves” for YEARS now. I LOVE the Spiegen line and buy a new Spiegen “floppy silicone sleeve” each time I get a new phone. They do a good job of protecting my phones from the rare inevitable drops, add just enough “grip” allowing me to keep the phone in my hand WITHOUT adding significant bulk and otherwise, do NOT make it more difficult to USE my phones.

What you’ve written is actually an OPINION piece; YOUR opinion. It is very one sided and, I have to wonder HOW this article slipped by RVTravel’s editors.

Last edited 2 months ago by John Koenig
Emily Woodbury(@emily)
2 months ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Hey, John. I actually remember when Mike Gast, the author of this review, brought this phone case up in one of our weekly staff meetings via Zoom. As he mentions, he has this phone case and thinks it is perfect for other RVers. No clickbait here–just a solid recommendation by one of our very talented, RVing experts on our staff. All of our product reviews (did you know we have an entire newsletter dedicated to product reviews? Our Great RVing Accessories Newsletter!) are opinions. We don’t write about anything we don’t test out, and if we do (like, say the upcoming release of a product or something of the sort), we make it very clear.

Glad you have a phone case you love too!

–Best, Emily,

1 month ago
Reply to  Emily Woodbury

Excellent reply to naysayers

Bob p
1 month ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Tsk Tsk, you stepped on toes!

Bob p
2 months ago

Article says sticks to any metal,I’ll bet it don’t. Great AD though for taking up space.

Brenda Soules
1 year ago

We have used this for many years, both for case and for videoing from truck.

Will (
1 year ago

For my phone, and mostly for my motorcycle, I use an Otterbox (Because I like the grippiness of the case) with a QuadLock freeform stick attachment via a cutout hole in the Otterbox. It’s very similar in design.

Carson Axtell
1 year ago

I used to buy protective cases for my phones and tablets until it dawned on me that the cases had been causing my Samsung devices to overheat and my batteries to swell up dangerously, eventually causing the case to separate. Now I just try to be more careful with how I handle them and where I put them down, and I don’t experience those problems anymore. Maybe I should switch over to Apple, even though I don’t like their maternalistic closed systems.

1 year ago

I like Otter Box. Have them for both of our iPhone 6’s.

1 year ago

‘Every make and model’ is a bit of an overstatement. There are other makes than Samsung and Apple. They seem like a nice case system. Too bad they don’t support more cases.

1 year ago

They do not make custom cases for ‘every’ make & model. They only sell cases for Iphones & 3 or 4 Samsung models.