Tarantula migration underway. Keep your eyes open


They are big, ugly arachnids. Most people are afraid of them, but they shouldn’t be. The big spiders are docile and will only bite if provoked, and even then their mild poison will sting, but that’s about it.

Some people keep tarantulas as pets. They aren’t warm and cuddly, but they are hairy, which can provide a little tactile stimulation.

Right about now, the males of the species in the Southwest are feeling a little horny. It’s the time of year where they begin their search for a female. It’s like spring fever for us, except they do it in August and into October. It takes a while for some of these guys to find a mate. Seems hardly worth it, but that’s the way it is with tarantulas.

Scientists say the majority of the spiders are 10-year-old males.

So keep your eyes open. But not everywhere. The thousands of big, hairy spiders that are about to head out en masse are Oklahoma Browns. They’ll march into southwestern Colorado in search of females that burrow in the prairies.

If you would like to see these fellows in action, and maybe a few lady T’s, too, Colorado tourism experts believe the peak viewing day will be Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Comanche National Grassland, south of La Junta.

So mark your calendars. It’s not a sight you see very often!


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Sharon B
8 months ago

I also recommend to get your propane at a reliable station where the people have experience. I went to one in Miami where the employee had no experience and overfilled my tank that started to hiss and leak. He then told me the tank was bad. The tank was NOT bad it was just a clueless employee who did not have the sense to read the pressure indicator.

David Hagen
8 months ago

I know the big spiders look ugly, but they are almost harmless, as you mentioned. When I was deployed to the Dominican Republic with the U.S. Army, we found the kids would stomp on the spiders with their bare feet. My fear of tarantulas disappeared.

Sharon B
8 months ago
Reply to  David Hagen

I fear spiders, BUT I don’t kill them. Too bad those children had no knowledge of the spiders life and its need for them in our ecosystem.

8 months ago

On the ‘poll’ about where I learned about this place, I clicked on “other” cause I don’t really remember how I got here back in ’08…but can say that I’ve enjoyed your News Letter ever since I did. Keep up the good work, Chuck and company! Gizzmow, Bonham, Texas

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
8 months ago

Thanks, Gizzmow! And thanks for hangin’ with us for so long — we appreciate you! Take care, and stay healthy. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

8 months ago

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. The photo of the tarantula accompanying the article is a particularly handsome specimen.

8 months ago

Many years traveling on a move from Alaska to southern Idaho we traveled across Oregon, in September I believe. We encountered a tarantula migration crossing the freeway not too far east of Burns OR. I remember it as easily being thousands though that memory could be distorted by my amazement at the sight!.

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago

“Colorado tourism experts believe the peak viewing day will be Sept. 10 at 6 p.m.”
This kind of “science” cracks me up. Not just the day, but the hour too?

Years ago we were riding our ATV’s out of Mina, NV, headed out to the middle of nowhere for a day’s adventure. We came across about three or four tarantulas in the road. We’d never seen so many in one spot before, so we got off our rides and took a bunch of pictures.

Little did we know that in about a quarter mile down the road we would encounter HUNDREDS of them wandering across the road. There were four of us. We stopped, took more pictures, and actually waited for the majority of them to cross. Then we gingerly made our way through the thinning crowd without running over any of them. It was a sight we’ll never forget.

8 months ago

Saw a similar tarantula festival in Big Bend NP in early October a couple years ago. There were also many caterpillars around so not sure if it was an eating orgy but I have never inspected my vehicle so thoroughly before leaving a campsite. 

8 months ago

You don’t want to be a MALE SPIDER!

After getting over their Horniness,(spelling?) they become food for the Female!

8 months ago

Thanks for keeping the site cleaned up and free of nastiness