Monday, September 26, 2022


The many uses for WD-40

There are few RVers who don’t consider a can of WD-40 an essential item in their tool arsenal. This “can do” lubricant has a wide range of uses, making it a very handy and useful product. Need to get rid of some road tar and grime from your RV or car? WD-40 can come to the rescue. Is the zipper on your favorite jacket refusing to work without lots of pulling and tugging? Spray on WD-40.

Here are some uses for the product that may come in handy, some of them especially relevant to RVers:

•Lubricates door hinges on vehicles.
•Restores roof racks on vehicles.
•Keeps rust from forming on saw blades and other tools.
•Removes all traces of duct tape.
•Removes black scuff marks from a kitchen floor.
•Removes love bugs from grills and bumpers.
•Lubricates and stops squeaks on electric fans.
•If you spray WD-40 on a distributor cap, it will displace moisture and allow the engine to start.
•Use WD-40 to help get rid of bugs on your RV or car’s paint (if not removed they will eat away the finish).
•Keeps scissors working smoothly.

Rumor has it that WD-40s main ingredient is fish oil, but that’s not true: it’s mostly petroleum-based. Do you know how it got its name? It was in 1953 when scientist Norm Larsen at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company was attempting to develop a formula to prevent corrosion on missile parts, achieved by displacing water. On his 40th try, he got it right. And so we have WD- (“water displacement”) 40.


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