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Tour the unique fiberglass 2023 Snoozy Camper travel trailer

Join the Runaway Roses for a tour of the unique Snoozy Camper, a small fiberglass trailer with a lot to offer. Snoozy has made some changes over previous years.

The Snoozy Camper in the video is the lifted “hunting and fishing edition,” an option that comes with bigger tires and enhanced suspension. It lifts the camper about 22 inches off the ground as opposed to the standard 16.

An all-galvanized welded frame supports the trailer. The frame itself comes with a lifetime warranty!

Outside you’ll find a large pass-through storage area, especially considering the small size of the trailer. I like the unusual side-mounted spare tire that’s easy to access yet out of the way.

You enter the camper through the back much like you would a truck camper. The 28” wide door offers easy access, even for those with mobility issues. Situating the door on the back wall gives more usable real estate inside. Smart!

A handy smaller door in the back lets you access the cassette toilet for dumping. The cassette is small enough that you can optionally carry a second one to extend the amount of time you can use the toilet before it reaches capacity.

An optional awning is available. Unfortunately, it is not automatic and takes about 10 minutes of set-up time. On the plus side, the awning does come with a 10-year warranty. Another awning option shades the back door area. Watch the video to see what they are like.

I was surprised at the amount of counter space. This small trailer has far more counter space than my current 25-footer! Although, as the trailer does not come with a cooktop, you will likely be using this space for a small portable one. The microwave is a standard home-style 700-watt model.

The fridge is a normal 110 dorm-style refrigerator. For me, this takes major points away from this trailer’s appeal. I always want the option of running on propane and long periods off-grid. I really do not understand the fridge in this unit at all.

The heater, too, only runs on electric! This is definitely NOT a good choice for boondockers unless they have tons of solar or plan on running a generator a lot.

There is a cramped but functional wet bath with a shower and cassette toilet. The sliding wood doors that close it off add style and function to the camper.

The jackknife sofa provides sleeping space in addition to the queen-sized bed in the front of the coach. Under-bed storage has easy access points.

The cabinets seem like they are high quality, and they come in maple or red oak options.

While I was impressed with a lot of what this trailer offered, the dependence on electricity for basics like the fridge and heater would disqualify it from my possibility list. But if you always camp with hookups, it might not matter.

However, I would think that most folks who always camp with hookups would opt for a larger RV. So, I must admit, I find this trailer a bit confusing and I am not really sure who its target market is.

Snoozy Camper specs

  • Length: 15 feet
  • GVWR: 2300 lbs.
  • GCWR: 3500 lbs.
  • Fresh water: 27 gallons
  • Gray water: 27 gallons
  • 5-gallon Thetford cassette toilet
  • 8000 BTU AC
  • MSRP: $36,900

Learn more about Snoozy Campers here. 


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.


  1. Great point, Cheri! Why call an RV a hunting and fishing model and make it dependent on electricity? It makes no sense to raise the clearance yet make it campground dependent. I wonder how many batteries would be required to run the microwave and refrigerator for a week? At 15 feet, how much solar can be installed and how much power can it collect in the woods? Did the manufacturer have too much income and need to build a model no one will buy that also would create offsetting losses?

  2. The SnooZy is and has always been a nice small fiberglass trailer.

    “I” just do not see anything at all that even comes close to justifying the $36,900 MSRP and never have.

    LOT’S of other/better options out there if looking for a trailer at the $37,000 MSRP price point.

  3. This would have considerably more storage if they made a new bottom mold and “squared off the bottom front”. More cost? They over charge anyway, so what’s the difference, I’ll settle for more space.

  4. I like the now “old-fashioned” slider windows. But the escape window is over the kitchen counter. That could present a problem in a real emergency. The odd thing about this trailer is that the “hunting and fishing” edition is all electric. No 12v propane appliances like fridge or stove. No stove at all, in fact. In my opinion, a trailer this small only needs one bed. Nevermind a jackknife sofa. In this version with the raised frame for clearance, the stabilizer jacks barely touch the ground. You’d need some blocks under them.
    Other than these complaints, the unit is ready to go. 🙂


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