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Tow vehicle wiring tester can save some anxiety while traveling

Part of towing your RV responsibly is making sure your trailer lights are working properly. Why are my running lights or brake lights not working on my travel trailer or fifth wheel? We have all been there and asked those questions one time or another, which is why you should have a tow vehicle wiring tester with you when out traveling. This tester may not solve all of your issues, but it can definitely help you pinpoint some of the basic problems you may encounter while towing.

The tow vehicle wiring tester allows you to quickly and confidently confirm the functionality of your vehicle’s trailer wiring harness. This tow vehicle wiring tester is used for testing your taillights, brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, electric trailer brakes and auxiliary power. Just plug the wiring tester into your vehicle’s 7-way socket and have a helper check the LED signals as you activate them from the driver’s seat.

A tow vehicle wiring tester

This will help you easily pinpoint if it’s something simple, like a blown fuse on the vehicle, to get you back traveling safely on the road.


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Bob Novak
12 days ago

Curt tow vehicle wiring tester does not work on 2021 GMC Sierra with towing package. The vehicle display says no trailer connected and will not run a lamp test. Only the 12V LED lights. The other LED’s just flicker.

15 days ago

A simple digital voltmeter would be a better tool to buy as it has much more versatility for troubleshooting.

Nanci Dixon(@nanci-dixon)
15 days ago

Having had an issue with our tow vehicle battery going dead we had to figure out the hard way that it had never been wired to charge battery from the 7 pin on our RV. This gadget is in my shopping cart! Thanks

15 days ago

Unfortunately, only tests the towing vehicle wires. Does nothing for the downstream wiring in the towed vehicle.

15 days ago
Reply to  Tom

True, but it will indicate if the problem is with the wiring in the tow vehicle or in the trailer. That gives you a starting point for further investigation. By eliminating possibilities, you will eventually find the issue.

15 days ago
Reply to  Tom

Need something similar to plug into the 6 pin end of the towing wire.

Jo jo
15 days ago
Reply to  Larry

Git rid of that 6 pin. They are long outdated.

15 days ago
Reply to  Larry

They make them, easily found on line

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