Thursday, September 16, 2021
Thursday, September 16, 2021

Professional photographer says this tripod is best for RVers

By Nanci Dixon
I need to preface this by saying I was a professional photographer with access to everything photographic – and I mean EVERYTHING. Every lens, camera, film (in the old days), printer, computer, strobe units and tripod ever made. When I retired, for better or worse I ditched it all. I said goodbye to my camera closet and decided to use only my cell phone. The worn phrase “The camera you use is the camera you have with you” is so true. But I’ve found the perfect tripod for RVers.

I hadn’t even wanted a tripod until I saw the telltale legs sticking out of a garbage can on one of our hikes. Yup, I dumpster dove in and rescued it. It was cheaply made and I could see right away why it was upside down in a refuse barrel. My husband rigged it together and I used it every once in a while.

When it was time to pack up, I could see no reason to take it with me. It would no longer collapse or fold up so I decided to look around for another one, knowing it would not be the quality of one in my past photographer life.

I found a perfect tripod for RVers

I found a perfect tripod on Amazon and it has far exceeded my expectations! So seldom do I get to open a box and find something far better than anticipated. It’s sturdier, taller and is more flexible than I assumed it would be. It has flexible rubber feet and even a bubble level. It has a cell phone holder or a space for larger DSLR cameras. And it can even hold an iPad! The biggest bonus is the Bluetooth remote for Android or iPhone cell phones to release the shutter. I slipped the remote into my pocket and took tons of family photos at the dinner table.

Below are some of my photos of the tripod. If you’re looking for a small, lightweight tripod to carry with you, I can’t recommend this one enough! It’s a perfect tripod for us RVers.

You can learn more or order one here.



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12 days ago

Our selfie sticks double as a tripod. Under $20 on Amazon. Even held my former Samsung Note 9. Also, it has a remote shutter release that can be recharged.

Joe Goomba
4 months ago

Plastic junk

California Travel Videos
5 months ago

Nanci, thank you for the recommendation – for $40 it’s very affordable for many RVers, especially those using their mobile phones.

However the Amazon webpage is somewhat deceptive touting it as a professional tripod (video showing it on a heavy Canon 5D DSLR camera with L-Series lens). We would never accept the risks associated with $4,000+ of gear for an entry-level tripod, nor the wobble and vibrations in the wind when shooting with a slow shutter speed. One of the photos even shows supporting a heavy telescope with the center post fully extended which is not feasible for several reasons. And most surprising of all, of the 493 ratings, only 1 person gave it a 1 star and 2 gave it a 2 star review – even tripods costing $500 to $1,000+ don’t get reviews this good (or anything else on Amazon that I’ve ever seen).
FYI, the maximum holder width is 4.5 inches, too small for an iPad (6.67+”).

That said, nice review for a starter tripod. RVers will find this perfect for their needs.

Connie VH
5 months ago

Now, please do selfie sticks….? My new phone has no jack for headphones … or anything else, including the selfie stick connection. I’m stuck at arm’s length!😣

5 months ago

Good review; thanks. Been wanting a tripod for the cell camera

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