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17 impressive ways to use disposable shower caps while RVing

You might have one or two hiding in the bottom of your RV bathroom cupboard. It’s time to bring them out—shower caps, that is—or perhaps order a box of caps from Amazon or pick up some from your local dollar store. Why? Because there are so many ways to use disposable shower caps while RVing. And these 17 ideas have nothing to do with showering!

Disposable shower caps in the kitchen

  • Protect your iPad. If you follow recipes on your iPad, you need to protect the screen from splatters and smudgy fingers, too. Just grab a shower cap and cover the screen and you’re good to go. You can see through the clear plastic, and the cap will keep your screen clean.
  • Dust-free appliances. Use a disposable shower cap to cover your toaster, blender, or coffee maker when not in use. The cap will keep dust from falling into or on the appliance. You can easily clean the shower cap in the kitchen sink when it becomes dusty.
  • Rising dough. If you spray the inside of a shower cap with olive oil, you can place it over dough to rise.
  • Cover leftovers. Shower caps can cover dishes of leftovers before you place them into the RV refrigerator. The elastic in the cap keeps it secured over most bowls and bonus: after wiping the cap clean, it can be reused again and again. Like this!
  • Keep bugs off food. Before taking dishes of food out to the picnic table, cover each one with a shower cap. The cap will prevent flies from landing on the food. The shower caps are also a perfect size to cover the cut end of melon or other fruits and protect them from flying bugs, too.
  • Plant helper. You can put a shower cap over the bottom of a potted plant to catch any water that runs through the soil. In addition, you can cover seedlings that you’ve planted with a shower cap to make a simple greenhouse.
  • Ice pack. Grab a shower cap and fill it with ice for a quick ice pack. Use a rubber band or twist tie to keep the bag securely closed and be sure to put a protective cloth between the ice pack and skin.
  • Picnic cooler. Place ice into a shower cap. Then set that dish of potato salad right on top of the ice. The ice will keep the salad chilled, and the cap will catch any melted ice water.
  • By the front door. Keep a box of shower caps right inside your RV’s entry door. If you need to dash inside but have muddy/dirty shoes, you can slip a shower cap over each shoe first and keep your rig cleaner. (Caution: Be careful not to slip!)

In the bedroom

  • Shoe covers. Shower caps placed over the bottom of shoes will keep any dust and dirt off the floor of your RV closet.
  • Suitcase helper. When packing a suitcase, wrap shoes with a shower cap to keep the rest of the clothes dust-free.
  • Closet hangers. Poke a hole in the middle of a disposable shower cap. Then slip the cap over the hanging clothes. The cap will keep dust off the shoulders of your clothing.
  • Pillow protector. Keep your pillow smoke-free after a night around the campfire. Wear a shower cap to bed and the smoke smell won’t transfer onto your pillow.


  • Portable pet dish. Keep a shower cap in your glove box or in your backpack. It can serve as a water dish for your thirsty pet and bonus: it doesn’t weigh much and takes up very little space.
  • Feet protector. For rainy days, first put on socks. Next, slip a shower cap over each foot. Then, put your hiking shoes/boots over your shower-capped feet. Even if your shoes get wet, your feet will remain dry inside the waterproof plastic shower caps.
  • Bike seat cover. We use a shower cap to cover the seat of our bikes. Even if it rains, we just need to remove the cover and we’re all set to ride.
  • Trailer hitch cover. Place a shower cap over your trailer hitch. No more grease on your pant legs.

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Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. The shower cap on the feet under shoes reminds me of my younger day when we would put old bread wrappers under our shoes in winter to keep our feet warm and dry in the snow.

  2. I use a shower cap temporarily over the smoke detector if I’m cooking something that I know will be a bit smokey. Stops those nusiance alarms.


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