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RV manufacturer does away with luxury towables line

Employees of Tiffin Group’s Vanleigh RV got a rude awakening today, January 9. In a letter from Tiffin’s president, Leigh Tiffin, it was announced Vanleigh RVs will no longer be produced. The company started the Vanleigh brand as a line of luxury towables in 2014.

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In the letter, Leigh Tiffin wrote, “Elevated inflation, rising interest rates, higher fuel prices and a weakening stock market have affected the RV industry. Certain products we offer have been impacted more than others, and this reality has forced us to carefully assess how to position our business for the future. After thorough evaluation, it is with deep sadness that we have made the decision to restructure the organization by discontinuing operations at Vanleigh RV.”

Workers received the mandated WARN notice, giving them a 60-day heads-up as to their job loss. No employees will be retained, and they may find plant doors shut long before the 60-day period ends. They’ll continue to receive their wages until March 10. Customers with active warranties will be supported by Tiffin service facilities.

After a couple of years of skyrocketing sales and booming business, Vanleigh RV may mark the first casualty in a changing RV marketplace.



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D Schmidt
13 days ago

We purchased a new 2022 Vanleigh 5th wheel and the quality was the worst RV we ever purchased. It was much worse than the previous Thor branded Palazzo motorhome we purchased new. It has taken 18 months to solve all the issues, and still one issue remaining. I am not surprised Vanleigh is closing. This cannot be put on Thor, as the Thor product was much higher quality.

Richard Chabrajez
14 days ago

Vanleigh introduced a new toy hauler model in just the past few months! One has to think the decision was pretty abrupt. I’m guessing Thor wouldn’t let them maintain their level of quality so they just gave up. We have a DRV and the quality has gone way down hill since they were purchased by Thor.

Just imagine how much better RV quality and satisfaction would become without Thor (and Camping World).

Jeff Craig
14 days ago

Tiffin – We can make more money by selling operations to Thor Industries.

Also, Tiffin – We just got screwed by Thor Industries….

The wife and I loved the Van Leigh 5’ers we had looked at, and if we ever abandoned the motorhome life, we would have definitely gone with a VL 5’er.

Last edited 14 days ago by Jeff Craig
14 days ago

Just ONE of MANY to come!

Neal Davis
14 days ago

I found it easpecially interesting that Bob’s grandson was both the one who started their 5th wheel line and later the corporate officer who sent the termination notice. It seems that Tiffin over-reached in expanding beyond motorhomes, which they seem to do very well.

14 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Does anyone out there have Leigh’s cell #.

I, along with thousands of others, had Bob Tiffin’s cell #. Called it once and Bob answered in 2 rings. Any chance any of us ever get that kind if service or peace of mind again?

Leslie P
14 days ago

Thor is what happened to VanLeigh. They don’t need more towables. It’s sad we owned a Vilano 375FL for several years. It was a great rig. We were treated very well by VanLeigh, but their employees were fantastic. We got to know several of them through the years and are sorry to see them go.

14 days ago

Brinkley just launched though and they look awesome

14 days ago
Reply to  Dave

I have been looking at Brinkley information and talking to them but I’m not convinced yet.

Donald N Wright
14 days ago

This is understandable. The market is glutted in Fifth Wheels and oversize RV’s, here in Texas. I understand that smaller and reasonable sized RV’s are popular elsewhere.

14 days ago

Is this a result of being bought out by Thor?

Bob p
14 days ago
Reply to  robert


Jesse Crouse
14 days ago
Reply to  robert

Bet the family farm on it. When you buy a Thor; you will be sore.

Melissa V
19 days ago

This is so sad! We just bought a Vanleigh Vilano & brought it home on Friday. We love it! These RV’s are made so well & are absolutely beautiful. I hope this doesn’t make it harder to deal w our warranty &/or get parts.

13 days ago
Reply to  Melissa V

We bought a vilano 2020 375fl new as a leftover on the lot. We love the layout of the rig and do believe it is generally very well made.
‘That said we have had some problems , most of which vanleigh stood behind until the latest one.
we have a slight leak somewhere that is leaking under one of our inside walls out on to floor of trailer.
when we contracted vanleigh they said that waterlines are only covered for a year and our warranty has run out. Imagine that they have a three year structural warranty but waterlines that are buried in the walls and floor of trailer that you can’t get to are not.
So we have to tear into walls to find leak but when we asked for schematic of where lines run as well as drain lines, there are none.

wow how can that be. I would be hard pressed to ever buy any other product connected to the Tiffin family.

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