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WOAH! Artist creates incredible hand-carved stealth cargo trailer RV

By Cheri Sicard
Get ready for one of the most unusual and breathtakingly beautiful DIY RVs ever! This stealth RV looks like an ordinary cargo trailer from the outside, but looks can be deceiving and, boy, does this cargo trailer RV hold some incredible secrets on the inside. Artist Caley Cason has created an RV space that transports its occupants to another world!

Caley says his cargo trailer RV, which he calls the Stealthy Stag, is his masterpiece, and he enjoys living inside a piece of art. It’s easy to see why.

Too many roommates and too much rent inspired Caley to create his mobile tiny home. He loves the result and has been living in the refurbished cargo trailer with his cat for the last three years.

He bought the base trailer for $8,500 before he started rehabbing the inside. So far he has about $25K into the project, including the trailer price. Of course, that does not include his extensive labor, which far outweighs the amount of money he put into it.

cargo trailer rv exterior

Caley started building his cargo trailer RV at a former residence. When his lease was up, he moved into his RV and finished the rest as life went along. It was a challenge to live in the trailer while building it out, but he managed. Working about 3–4 hours a day, it took him about three years to complete.

Inside, he took his inspiration from old apothecaries with lots of wood cubbies for jars and storage. The entire place has a magical wizard kind of vibe.

Some of his sculptures serve practical purposes too, like the carved snake that’s also a lamp. A hand-carved tree provides the interior focal point and it spreads out over the ceiling, its leaves intertwined with tiny fairy lights.

Lots of intricate personal touches can be found throughout this incredible cargo trailer RV, like the cubby that holds his treasured vintage cleaver.

Another practical factor is the location of the cat box with a fan that blows any stinky air OUT of the RV. And you won’t believe the guest seating! For this, he attaches a swing to a pole mounted near the ceiling.

The theme continues in the rustic bathroom. I love the galvanized tub he used for the shower and the towel holder fashioned from an old pick ax. A composting toilet tucks neatly out of the way when not in use.

A large closet where Caley keeps his clothes and other items supports the elevated queen-sized bed in the rear of the trailer. The bedroom has a cozy nook feel that makes it a peaceful and relaxing space.

Overall, Caley loves his new lifestyle and says that simplifying his life through tiny house living has brought him a new level of happiness.



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Neal Davis (@guest_257023)
1 month ago

Thank you, Cheri! Pretty neat nest.

Bill Byerly (@guest_256586)
1 month ago

Gorgeous, beautiful craftsmanship!! Very well thought out. Thank you Cheri for sharing this!

Tommy Molnar (@guest_256559)
1 month ago

His trailer is the same size as our enclosed Polaris RZR trailer, so watching this video blew me away. Every inch of the inside is used. Many amazing little touches make this a masterpiece. The way the video was shot and produced makes you think the trailer is much bigger than it really is. Amazing. I’ve never been (and still am not) a “tiny house” fan, but this ‘house’ really kept my attention through the entire video. Being a cat lover, I liked his solution to cat stink with the litter box fan. Overall, very cool. Thank you Cheri for finding this and posting.

Cheri Sicard (@guest_256567)
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Awww, thank you for the kind words Tommy. It certainly is a beauty!

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