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More on the recent spectacular Texas pileup


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Mix fog and “speed too fast for conditions” on a Texas highway and the results can be more than spectacular. Texas highway troopers had responded to a crash on Highway 94 near Slaton (southeast of Lubbock) when a semi-truck came onto the scene a bit too fast.

The semi came off the highway, heading straight for first responders, who responded rather quickly in an attempt to get out the way of the fast-moving behemoth. The semi rolled on its side, sliding into the accident scene. Unfortunately, an RVer pulling a travel trailer had just pulled off on the shoulder – and probably watched dumbfounded from his tow vehicle as the semi first mashed a pickup truck on the scene, then smashed the travel trailer.

Along the way the semi truck also struck a state trooper, and trapped yet another bystander in a pickup truck. Both of these were taken to the hospital. The trooper sustained a broken ankle, some bruises and cuts, but he was released later in the day. The man in the pickup truck had to be extracted with heavy rescue equipment. He sustained internal injuries, but is expected to be released from the hospital.

Reports indicate the December 31 incident unfolded with an initial two-vehicle crash at around 10:45 in the morning. It blocked the westbound lanes of the highway, and troopers were on scene investigating when an eastbound semi-truck jackknifed and landed in the median strip. Other vehicles then piled into the semi.

The semi that barreled into the trooper, truck, and travel trailer had been eastbound, coming onto the accident scene when an SUV did a quick lane change in front of the semi. The semi driver lost control, jackknifed, and plowed on into the scene.

Law enforcement is still investigating, and indicate that they may well be issuing a number of citations, probably for “unsafe speed.” Evidently some drivers may have been blasting along a 75 miles per hour despite the foggy conditions, and certainly driving too fast at the scene of the accident.


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Eric Stephan
2 years ago

For clarification, it is Hwy 84 instead of 94. Traveled through there on the way to and back from Taos on December 26th and January 1st.

Bob p
2 years ago

That truck driver will be wishing he was killed, he’ll never drive a commercial vehicle again, by the time the police and all the ambulance chasing lawyers get finished with him and the trucking company his life will be ruined. I’m not defending his actions just stating facts, you cause an accident like that you’ll never drive a truck again.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

And don’t forget, if he is an independent with NO Company behind him, he will be lucky to stay out of JAIL! He’s just very lucky NO ONE was killed!

2 years ago

Living in North Louisiana, I see this all the time! And Guess what? It’s usually a Crazy Texas Driver going to fast for conditions. Of course we have our share of IDIOTS in Louisiana too, thinking the posted speed limit of 70 means you can go 80 or 85 or faster. (The Mario Andretti’s of the Interstate)

Amazing in this accident, no one was killed!

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