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Washing dishes in an RV: Save water and gray tank space

By Cheri Sicard
Washing the dishes in an RV can eat up a whole lot of your freshwater tank, plus prematurely fill up your gray water tank, too, depending on how you do it.

In the video below Robin Barrett from Creativity RV (one of the picks on our Best of YouTube RV channels roundup) is here to demonstrate how to get the job done using a minimum amount of water.

Robin says her dishwashing technique is one of the reasons she can boondock off-grid for two weeks or more!

For this demonstration, Robin purposely started with a full sink of dishes that she had let sit out overnight. This is to ensure that the demo showed washing dishes in an RV under the worst of circumstances. In other words, a big, crusty mess.

Robin also had a small kitchen fire the night before she shot this video, so be sure to watch and learn from her mistake, which, thankfully, she intercepted before it became a tragic disaster.

What you need for washing dishes in an RV without wasting water

Robin created a small “dish cleaning kit” that stores under her RV’s sink. Everything is neatly organized in one place. More than just dishes, she can clean pretty much anything in the RV from this small kit.

She gets ready by placing her silicone dish dryer on a towel. Then it’s time to do the dishes.

Watch the video for details because Robin shows peak efficiency at this task. Starting with a kitchen sink full of dishes left overnight after making falafel and soup from scratch, she only takes about 3/4 gallon of water to clean it all! Amazing!



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Neal Davis
18 days ago

Thanks, Cheri! We rarely boondock, but we do often travel only connecting to power to make departures easier.

18 days ago

I don’t boondock, but do try to conserve water so i don’t fill up gray tank. I use our used napkins to immediately wipe off silverware, plates, and pot & pans. Dawn detergent has a spray, I lightly spray everything and scrub clean. Then I turn water on/off to rinse.

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