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RV Coronavirus News Update, May 24, 2020

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Dear Readers,
Hundreds if not thousands of campgrounds, public and private, are now open or are about to open. We have listed some of them here, but we don’t have nearly enough room to mention them all. If you’re looking for a place to camp in the coming weeks, check with your favorite park to learn its plans.

Glacier National Park was expected to open on June 1 as previously announced. Officials now say the park will open “sometime in early June.”

Joshua Tree National Park is the only national park in California that has reopened campgrounds. Right now, all 520 sites are first-come, first-served and cost $15 to $20 a night. Group campsites remain closed.

Campgrounds at Oregon’s state parks won’t reopen until June 9. Some smaller campgrounds on federal and county lands opened for Memorial Day Weekend, mostly east of Salem and Eugene.

Ohio State Park campgrounds have reopened.

Aimed at promoting RVing as an ideal way to vacation amidst the coronavirus pandemic by highlighting the community, toughness and adventurousness of the RV lifestyle, Jayco has launched a marketing campaign titled “We Were Built For This.” It highlights how Jayco, its industry and RVers have faced obstacles and difficulties before but have always prevailed.

DID YOU KNOW? In a poll in last week’s RV Travel Newsletter we asked our readers how many were putting off routine medical and dental appointments these days. More than 2,600 readers responded. How many do you think reported that they were keeping their normal routines — 24 percent, 33 percent or 52 percent? Find out here.

Even though some campgrounds have reopened in Florida, its state parks campgrounds remain closed for now. Campgrounds operated by counties and municipalities were permitted to reopen this weekend.

The following Wyoming State Parks are open, but only to Wyoming residents: Boysen, Buffalo Bill, Curt Gowdy, Glendo, Guernsey, Hawk Springs, Keyhole, Medicine Lodge, Seminoe and Sinks Canyon. Reservations are required. Some National Forest Campgrounds are open. Check with your favorite park for its status.

Visitor centers and campgrounds remain largely closed at Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks in Utah.

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Iowa has gradually been opening its state park campgrounds.

Across the country, RV dealers have been reporting an increase in sales, sometimes dramatic.

Texas Parks and Wildlife is now allowing limited overnight camping in its parks. If you plan on going even just for the day, you will still need a reservation in advance.

The U.S. Forest Service this week reopened many of its recreational areas to additional camping in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Tents and RVs are allowed, as is dispersed camping. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has also reopened many of its areas to tent and RV camping.

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Yosemite National Park hopes to reopen in early June and limit the number of visitors by half to allow for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Lodgings and some campgrounds would reopen, and day visitors would be required to buy entry tickets in advance of their trips, according to a draft reopening plan presented on Tuesday.

Southern California’s Angeles National Forest’s 66 developed campsites will have to wait a bit longer before opening. The forest has begun a “reset-and-refit process” for developed sites and facilities, including campsites. Nearby, campgrounds in the Las Padres National Forest are scheduled to reopen June 19.

On Tuesday, May 19, Maine Gov. Janet Mills announced that campgrounds and RV parks could reopen to Maine residents on May 22, more than a week earlier than expected.

California State Park campgrounds and parking lots remain closed. Most parks are open to trail users.

VIDEO BELOW: Some Montana campgrounds are seeing a different mix of visitors than normal.

Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest, which includes popular places such as Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Silverwood Lake and Wrightwood, opened some campgrounds run by private concessionaires on Friday.

Most Indiana DNR campgrounds, property-operated cabins and camper cabins, inns and restaurants have reopened.

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Nevada’s hotel-casinos can reopen June 4 if the number of COVID-19 cases doesn’t soar during Memorial Day weekend, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said Friday afternoon. The businesses have been closed since March 17.

Minnesota is starting to reopen some Department of Natural Resources (DNR) campgrounds. Check your favorite location to see its reopening schedule.

Shenandoah National Park, which has been shut down due to COVID-19 since April 8, is starting the process of gradually reopening this Memorial Day weekend. For now, campgrounds are closed.

 We asked readers yesterday (Saturday, May 23) whether they believed a vaccine for COVID-19 would be available to them in 2020. See how they responded.

Reader advises:
From Rose Mills Pyke on our RV Coronavirus News Group on Facebook: “Here’s a bit of information we hadn’t come across before. We are fulltimers, and were trying to schedule an oil change and lube for our diesel pusher at the Cat Dealer in Bakersfield on our way north. (Not looking for other suggestions, just sharing info FYI). We have done this many times, usually 2-3 hours and we’re on the road again. However, this time the Cat Dealer said they would need THREE DAYS, because they have to sanitize the rig. Of course that’s not going to happen with us living in it! Anyone planning to get work done in California might want to be aware.”

From reader Bob Zagami
“The State of Maine requires out-of-state campers to quarantine for 14 days on their campsite. Bayley’s Camping Resort in Maine is suing the state to have this restriction declared unconstitutional. Here’s a video with one of the family members.”

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Other Coronavirus News

Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection Friday. The Estero, Florida-based company’s lenders were unwilling to grant it another extension on its auto lease debt payments past a Friday deadline, triggering the filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The bankruptcy filing is intended to allow for a “financial reorganization” of Hertz as well as subsidiaries such as Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly. Hertz implemented furloughs and layoffs of 20,000 employees which is nearly 50% of its global workforce.

Humans aren’t the only ones hankering for the days they could dine out at their cities’ restaurants: Some rats that miss feasting on the scraps are becoming increasingly brazen to find new food sources, the CDC has warned. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been increased reports of rat cannibalism and infanticide in New York, as well as more rat complaints in residential areas — including in Chicago — as humans produce more food waste at home. Roving rat armies concern the CDC because they can carry disease.

Industry experts say robocalls are way down — scam calls as well as nagging from your credit-card company to pay your bill. The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted millions of job losses, and scammers have not been immune. YouMail, which offers a robocall-blocking service, says 2.9 billion robocalls were placed in April in the U.S., down from 4.1 billion in March and 4.8 billion in February. The main reason: many global call centers have closed or are operating with fewer workers.

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From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this short video shows you the most effective way to wash your hands to get rid of germs.

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Heather Renders Campbell
1 year ago

Escapees Club Rainbow Parks now have insane restrictions, to the point of what lawn furniture may be placed on your campsite. They are policing guests with person rights restrictions that are MORE draconian than the CDC guidelines! Please help us. Spread the word, and help this enormous community of fulltimer RV travelers.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 year ago

We camped at a private campground in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania this weekend.
You would have thought the COVID-19 virus was a bad dream everyone had forgotten about.

1 year ago


Thank you for posting the link to the CDC hand washing tutorial. In the comments to your recent hand washing poll, few readers knew how to wash their hands.

Billy Bob Thornton
1 year ago

RV sales are up Month over month (may ’19 to may ’20), mostly melenials, so let’s see how this demographic shakes out. Should be quite interesting, glamping…at it’s finest. More people on unemployment than in all of the countries history.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Carolyn Segrist
1 year ago

Yes we are in our RV in Fredericksburg, TX at The Vineyards RV Park, which never closed to new people coming in but has been less than 50% full. We were here when the quarantine began and stay because I’m waiting for a new hip. We ended up here when my hip got really bad and, as it turns out, the best doctors in the country for joint replacements happen to be here in Hill Country Memorial Hospital. The Orthopedic Clinic is highly rated nationally. Surgery was postponed from April 1 to, initially Aug. 19th, but due to a cancellation was moved up to June 22nd. We were supposed to be traveling to the East Coast, but stopped here to have an MRI which showed my need for a new hip. So here we are! God brought me to the right place!!! Our home town is Seabeck, WA.

1 year ago

Getting very difficult to book a reservation at a campground. People are tired of staying in and are booking campsites as fast as possible. If you book on of good luck. You have to book your site at precisely the opening time for the date you want.

John T
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

That’s probably true only for the most popular locations. I made a series of reservations yesterday, and had no trouble booking sites, including a premium waterfront site at one location.

Karen Pattist
1 year ago

In Maine, camping will be open to out-of-state visitors starting June 1 – ONLY if they ISOLATE (no contact with others, including NO food shopping, NO purchasing gasoline, etc) for 14 days after they enter the state, AND they may NOT isolate at campgrounds. As anywhere you park is considered ‘camping,’ that would appear to mean no out-of-state campers until that restriction is lifted.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

“Roaming rat armies”, does that not sound like a drive in movie ?

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Does the state of Maine require travelers who use hotels and motels to stay fourteen days in their rooms before venturing out ?

Billy Bob Thornton
1 year ago

That’s one way to blow your stimulus check.