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John McMann
7 months ago

Small correction on the snake article. Some snakes may be venomous, but they are not poisonous.

Dan Peelman
7 months ago

I enjoyed reading your story today regarding Kingman. Coincidentally, my wife and I stayed over night in Kingman last Thursday night. We were on our way home to Rancho Cucamonga, CA after visiting family in Goodyear, AZ and Show Low, AZ. I just want to tell you about a very nice RV Resort that we happened to land in that evening. The resort is Fort Beale. The lady at check in was extremely pleasant, the Park was quiet and close to a very good Taiwanese restaurant; Bangkok Thai Cuisine. As you wrote, the weather was perfect. We pondered staying another night, but we had to return to reality after a week of great RV’g and family fun.

Peggy P
8 months ago

Kris & Gary Steiner – You’ve got a good looking bunch! Thanks for rescuing.

8 months ago

LOVED the bumper sticker today !

8 months ago

This weekend I should be camping at Boulder lake in the Nicolet national forest. It feels weird not too be camping. The national forest has all campgrounds shut down. You can camp on dispersed camp site in the national forest. My travel trailer would not fit into most of the dispersed sites.
Looks like June 15th is when the campgrounds will be open.

Greg Kanne
8 months ago

Nani Carr Pellett
40 mins
I graduated from north Salem High School in 1961. My class ring was stolen just a short time ago by a helping friend. Helped herself. It had 19 on one side and the 61 on the other side so either way you looked at it said 61. Very cool. It’s at a pawn shop in Kingman Az somewhere I suppose.

8 months ago

I learned a long time ago that we’re not going to agree with everyone. My favorite saying is this. We’ll just agree to disagree. if someone wants to call me a name I have a thick skin and I can take it.

Athar Khan
8 months ago

Dear RV Fans, hello all,

Hope everyone doing well during these crazy daze. I have a question, regarding electric RV, Tesla announced sometimes ago that their company was looking into manufacturing electric RV, my question is this, is this going to be feasible and doable for a longer run of travel and other factors considered? I would like to explore if any one knows that if this type of RV (100% electric) already being made? What would be sustainability and viability of such RV? Need your comments on this.

Thank you and take care.


A. Khan

7 months ago
Reply to  Athar Khan

Propane is your friend

8 months ago

The email from Sparky is missing the part about the trunk containing 4 million dollars in S. Africa with your name mentioned as the beneficiary.

8 months ago
Reply to  Drew

Could be from S. Africa, the person used the British variant of favour.

Tony King
8 months ago

“ Would the rude, obnoxious know-it-alls in the audience please leave! “
Chuck I just read your article from your Soapbox. You pretty much are right on track with your observation of how people can act and present themselves on Social Media/Internet. It’s pretty out of control and I don’t think it’s going to change 1 bit. I just think people who are Admins of their own pages etc will continue to have a tough job that will never slow down weeding out people who enjoy “Stirring the Pot”…and you’re right…in 1 way shape or form we all have done it to a certain extent but too many keep taking to the next level !
May the force be with you is all I can say 🤷🏻‍♂️
When travel all over the USA in our Class B for months and don’t watch TV and have very limited time on Social Media…we surely come away with a much better point of view of life, people and our Country 🇺🇸 ! We have been patiently waiting to be able to “Get our on that open road” again when all this craziness passes

8 months ago

Regarding the Editorial.

5 years ago I decided to take my wife on a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary. We had never traveled like that before. Most of our travel before this had been using hotel rooms or staying with friends and family. She was excited about the trip and naturally enough wanted to book all of the shore excursions in advance. I managed to talk her into waiting and booking on the ship.

We took the scenic route to New Orleans for our departure. We stayed in several nice hotels on the way. Once we got on the ship and settled in we read and watched the river go by out of our balcony. We ate and wandered around the ship. The next morning was a sea day. We ate and wandered the ship, sat on the balcony and read and basically did nothing. Our first stop was in Jamaica. We had a shore excursion that day which we really didn’t enjoy for several reasons. After we got back on the ship my wife told me she didn’t want to do any of the other excursions, instead we would disembark for a few hours and just explore on our own. When the trip was over we both agreed that it was the most relaxing vacation we had ever been on. Vacations up to this point had always been run here, do that, hurry up we are late. This was the first time we had actually taken time to wind down and just enjoy life.

Why tell you all of this?

It was the time we had our epiphany that we needed to just take time every year to get out of the house, away from our jobs and relax and do absolutely nothing other than what we truly wanted to do.

Three years ago after discussing it to death we bought our first travel trailer. We took a few trips and realized that it just wasn’t for us. We needed more room, so we upgraded to a fifth wheel. We now have the freedom to go when we want. We do what we want. Sometimes we just sit in the trailer and read all day. Others we watch movies and TV shows that we bring along on a portable hard drive. Once in a while we go find an art gallery or a museum or best of all we load our dog up and take a two or three hour drive around the area.

That’s why I love RVing. I get to live life like I want. I would love to full time, but right now our jobs won’t allow it. It’s not long before my wife retires as a teacher. I’m not sure what life holds at that point, but I am sure that adventure awaits.

Feel free to edit and reprint if you see fit.

Richard Palmer