Saturday, October 23, 2021

MENU reader from South Africa shows off VW motorhome readers span the globe. Here’s an email and photo we received from reader Danie Fourie from South Africa, who wrote:

Registered as “Tortue”, nicknamed “Rondloper” (the Afrikaans word for vagabond), this 1974 VW Jurgens takes us most places, from coast to mountains, semi desert stretches, bushveld and home sweet home, Pringle Bay, across the bay from Cape Town, South Africa, the greater part on dirt road. On some trips, “Tortue” will tow “Lazarus” my Citroën Deux Chevaux Fourgonnette (1969) for our day tripper.

Life is good. Thank you for a great newsletter. — Danie

From the editor: Danie, please send us more stories about RVing in South Africa. We’ll make you our official South Africa correspondent, which will bring you fame (alas, sorry to say not fortune). And send us a pic from inside this pretty little rig.

For our international travelers, check out this article by our Japan correspondent Russ Veillard, who just so happens to be the voice of the AFLAC duck in Japan.



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1 year ago

While not specific to South Africa, check out Rick and Kathy Howes’ blog of their African travels in a Provan Tiger RV:

In addition to their African travels, Rick and Kathy have traveled extensively throughout North and South America, Europe, and Australia in their Tiger. All their travels are chronicled on their blog site.

1 year ago

Having owned two VW campers, how do you get to the engine?

1 year ago

So is this an original vehicle or home made? It wasn’t clear.

1 year ago

Someone’s done a nice looking job on that! Enjoy!

tim palmer
1 year ago
Reply to  Glenn

Agree. That is cool!