Saturday, December 2, 2023


What is email? Yes, 24 years ago, that was a question!

Turning the clock back 24 years, a big question was: What is email? In this NBC Today Show segment, I attempt to answer that question.

It’s almost difficult to fathom that in 1995, using fax machines was considered a high-tech alternative to sending a letter via the USPS. When email first surfaced, many people had questions and most of them centered around what it is and if it was necessary.

Ironically, even back then, security was a concern; and as you’ll see in this segment, that question was asked and, to the best of my ability, I attempted to answer.



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Candace (@guest_44898)
4 years ago

Andy was from Nashville, TN at the time! I used to live there as well, altho not in 1995! What a fun video and just shows how our lives have changed in just 20+ years. In 202, we mostly handle our emails on our cell phones. Good for Matt and Andy – thanks for sharing with us.

J anne (@guest_44823)
4 years ago

Please do not feature a clip with Matt Lauer. He was fired due to his reprehensible behavior to women. He should not be featured anywhere.he does noe deserve to be seen and it is offensive and hurtful to some women to even see his face!!!

Dpsdebi7 (@guest_44764)
4 years ago

And most of it is scam and spam emails!

Steven W. Browning, Sr. (@guest_44719)
4 years ago

Sort of sad that I remember that. I was one of those three million and still have the same address. But I have gone from several messages per week to a hundred plus per day. Wow!

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