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Who would you label a “full-time RVer”?


People who live in RVs are not the same. Some travel all the time, seldom staying in one place more than a week or two. Others follow the sun each year, staying only in one or two places.

Others include poor people, who acquire an old RV and then live in it on city streets or wherever else they can for free.

These people obviously lead very different lives, and in varying degrees of comfort. Which would you refer to as full-time RVers?

The survey may take a moment to load, so please stand by.

This poll is related to the editor’s essay in the December 2, 2018, issue of the RV Travel Newsletter.


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Bob Lambert
4 years ago

I live in a single family residence at the beach, keeping my RV 250 miles away in the mountains, best of both worlds. I have found with age the travel becomes a little more difficult, so wherever I reside, I tend to stay a little longer, running from the extremes of the weather, while still enjoying the time to plan the next adventure.

Scott Alvar
4 years ago

First, the new site looks GREAT on my cell phone (Moto Z2). SO much better than before. I’ve noticed nothing wrong, or misplaced, or mis-sized or anything.

You didn’t include me in your survey and I understand… because we live in our RV about 3 months out of each year. (Teachers, summer break.)

It’s clearly not full time, as in “year-round full time”. But for us, we live “full time” in our RV for up to 3 months each year.


Thanks for the work on the new site. I’m going to go dig in some more!

Lance Craig
4 years ago

RV? Recreational Vehicle? If so, folks using one as primary residence (rich, poor, working, or broke) may not be “recreational” and park models with no wheels are not “vehicles”.

4 years ago

What if you live in an RV, parked in your $80,000.00 steel, weld-up barn, with septic, water and electric, as well as a separate half-bath in the barn, still traveling 8-10 times per year?

We could not get “homeowner’s insurance,” but rather “commercial” insurance, as if a business. It’s our land, 100% paid for, our money went into developing it and all taxes are paid. I wonder if it will qualify for “homeowner’s Exemption?” Any idea on this?

The agent inferred the industry does not like full-timers.

4 years ago

The new site looks good in Chrome and MS Edge but the graphics don’t come thru in MS Internet Explorer. Also the pop-in from the right margin, the “X” doesn’t work. It stays on the screen in MS IE. Any chance of fixing this?

Paul in Florida
3 years ago
Reply to  Bobkat3080

Try using Windows 10 Edge or Google Chrome. Windows is moving away for Internet Explorer and supporting Edge.

Marilyn R
4 years ago

Personally I believe that if a park allows trailers/rigs to stay for more than 6 months it should not be called an RV Park but a trailer park.

Roy Ellithorpe
4 years ago

If you chose ANY of the potential definitions of Full Time offered in the poll, “RVrs who travel all year to many places” would HAVE to be ONE of your choices, and yet only 41% think that traveling all year in an RV is Full Time.
Methinks some of us don’t understand the question.

Robert N. Cordy
4 years ago

Re: Membership, FYI
I just tried to login using the email address that you send my Newsletter to. It didn’t recognize the password I submitted (I guessed at that!). I then clicked on the “Forgot Password” button and I got a reply that the system didn’t recognize my email address. I didn’t want to register as a new member because I thought I might start receiving two copies of the Newsletter.

Keep on truckin’….


Jessica Sarvis(@jessica)
4 years ago

Sorry for the confusion! When you sign up to receive email alerts for our newsletters it doesn’t create an account. You’ll have to do that separately. We were doing things a little backwards before and are trying to integrate everything going forward. If you want to register you’ll still only get one newsletter email and it is not necessary to register to read the content. I hope that clears things up a bit!

Lee Wenk
4 years ago

I think we should have a ‘big tent’ to include lots of people. As you said a full-timer may have
issues with insurance. I think we all have issues and I like that you provide a great resource for looking at these issues, whether it is insurance, buggy new coaches, lack of spaces or inconsiderate drivers. Thanks,
PS: The new site looks great.

4 years ago

Hey Chuck. New site looks great. However FYI The surveys did not load… Peggi McDonald

4 years ago
Reply to  Peggi

Didn’t load for me, either.

Ken Knutson
4 years ago

We still own our sticks and bricks house (but are in the process of selling) and live in our motorhome full time. According to our taxes we have and are paying on a second home. If they redefine the definition of an RV and adopt that definition into law will that change that status of a second home to be a sticks and bricks house only? Then we would not be able to write off the interest on the loan we have? Because we live in it full time this is considered a (our) house. Otherwise…what would lawmakers consider a house if not this? It should be a dwelling you live full time..regardless of what it is. So by that definition….maybe they should be called a FTD. Full Time Dwelling. Anything less would be considered a part time dwelling and then under their definition would be considered an RVer.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ken Knutson

I like the FTD designation you suggest.

4 years ago

RV= recreational,as in recreating V= vehicle, designed to move from point A to point B to point C and so forth.
Snow birds who move it two times a year are not RECREATING.
Not someone just LIVING in it.
These are MY definitions.

4 years ago

Why do we need to label what a full timer is? Why do we try to put a label on everyone and everything? From religion to politics to retired or working to race we try to put everyone in a predictable box! Our government is the most guilty party to this. I consider full timers to be someone that constantly moves about the country and spends almost all year in an RV. But my definition is not necessary right and it really doesn’t matter to me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Zoom

Best comment.

3 years ago
Reply to  Zoom

Thoughts. Labels can help us find commonalities. Your a grandparent? Me too. You love cooking? Me too. You like travelling in your rv all year? I need a break at my sticks and bricks a couple of months. In my mind, its just sharing. If you dont want to share, avoid it. For gov and biz purposes, grouping people by label help them provide services. 65? You get Medicare. You want insurance on an rv that you live in. Full time? Let the insurance company have the information they need to manage their risk and provide you the coverage you want. I guess this really falls into the basket of social communities. Like rvtravel, we have commonalities and differences. If you hate gov, hate being told you have to report this and buy that (affordable care act!), find someplace to live that suits your wishes. It might be as simple as a tent in the woods or moving to a jurisdiction with less restrictions (opportunities), ie Belize. I am grateful today to live in the USA because i have choices that many women (oops did i say that out loud?) around the world dont have. Stepping off my soapbox now.

4 years ago

Concerning the poll, all of the above would be a fitting answer.

John Crawford
4 years ago
Reply to  Booneyrat

There is a legal difference in each definition and for many reasons it needs to be defined.