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Ask the Pet Vet: Introductions are in order, and please ask me your questions!

Hello! My name is Dr. Karel Carnohan – please call me Dr. Karel! I am delighted to join the team to share my thoughts and expertise about traveling with pets, general pet health and my experiences as a vet and avid RVer.

My story

I graduated Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. I was what they called a “mature” student, meaning I was older than most of my professors. After 20 years in the corporate finance world, I decided to pursue my true passion and become a vet. I purchased a 26′ Winnebago Brave to get me and my animals (6 cats, 4 dogs, a parrot and a rabbit) back and forth between California, where I lived for many years, and Kansas, for vet school. The Winnebago served me well over the years, transporting the crew to new homes. It was called Karel’s Ark.

I worked as a large and small animal vet in Canada after I graduated, and finally bought my own clinic which specialized in cats. Last year I sold my practice and retired. I plan to travel with my 11 cats to visit animal sanctuaries, family and friends. That is my idea of heaven.

I love dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets. Even though I focused on cats in recent years, I have spent many years treating dogs. I also love exotic wild animals – I worked in several zoos while in vet school. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as holding the paw of a tiger while he’s under anesthesia. Occasionally, I will post pictures and tales of my experiences.

What am I doing here?

My main goal is to help you with any questions you may have about your pets. At the end of each of my articles you’ll find a form for you to ask questions. Fire away! If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will research it and get back to you.

Also at the end of every article will be a gentle reminder that I cannot answer specific medical questions about your pet. I cannot legally practice medicine without seeing your pet. I will help you as best I can. But, often, I will advise you to take your pet to his/her regular vet or to a walk-in/emergency veterinary clinic if you are on the road.

Where does RVing come into play?

Finally, I am in the process of buying a travel trailer for the next chapter in my life. I will share my ideas of what it will take to travel with my many cats, and point out camper features that are pet friendly. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for reading! I am so excited to be here.

Ask the Pet Vet

Fido feeling under the weather? Fifi been having some tummy troubles? Worried about ticks? What’s better, wet food or dry food? Wondering how to clip your pet’s nails? Ask veterinarian Dr. Karel Carnohan your questions. Please include a description of your pet’s issue or a question you’re curious about. Upload a photo of your pet if you choose. Dr. Karel will do her best to answer your questions.

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Guidelines for RVing with pets for a safe and pawsitively fun experience


Karel Carnohan DVM
Karel Carnohan DVM
After a long career in finance, Dr. Carnohan returned to school and graduated from the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine at the tender age of 50. She has worked in Canada and the United States in both small and large animal medicine. She retired in 2020 after selling her feline-exclusive veterinary practice in Asheville, NC. She currently lives in the Coachella Valley, CA and travels in her Newmar toy hauler with her multiple cats. Her interests include hockey (having played for many years), the brown bears of Katmai, cats and scooping litter boxes.



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Richard (@guest_140776)
2 years ago

Welcome aboard!
We absolutely LOVE all animals. Don’t currently have a pet because we find it too restrictive to our traveling (16yrs full time), but we always enjoy meeting the pets of other campers. Helped with animal rescue when we traveled in Mexico.
Look forward to your columns!

Neal Davis (@guest_140765)
2 years ago

Great! Welcome to RV Travel!

tom (@guest_140706)
2 years ago

We travel with 4 cats. Your crew would be a handful (RVfull?). One thing we do, all cats have a full body harness and 6 ft lead on them, at all day light hours. Don’t have to catch the cat body, only the harness.
All are microchipped. We also travel with bottled water for the cats. No need of a upset system from unknown sources.

Lindalee (@guest_140160)
2 years ago

Hi, Dr. Karel, welcome to RVTravel!!

I am not yet an actual RVer but hope to be sometime soon (have a boat to sell first!). I have one Chihuahua Mix dog who’ll be 8 on December 25 (my Christmas baby!) and THREE cats aged 17 (09/13/21), 17 (04/20/22), and maybe a 3 or 4-year-old (she is the only one that I KNOW is a Queen). My problem is how to travel with three females who all want their OWN litter box? Where on earth could I keep them controlled but yet have access to their litter box(es)? I’m hoping for a Class C but will probably end up with a travel trailer. Any idea you can provide would be just great.

Again, welcome aboard!

Drew (@guest_140048)
2 years ago

Thanks for joining in! I look forward to your writings in the future.

Magee Willis (@guest_140047)
2 years ago

Thanks for joining this forum. You sound like a delightful person!

DPHooper (@guest_140021)
2 years ago

Welcome, enjoy your retirement and travel.
I have a cat and dog who are great travelers.
We have traveled with pets many years.
How will you safely secure 11 cats for traveling, while on the road?
We have always secured ours with crates and/or seatbelts. I am always horrified by pets laying on the dash or moving about in vehicle. If a wreck occurs they can be thrown around, running off scared and hurt.

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