Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Cables in a tangle? Use this quick tip to tame them

By Nanci Dixon
The multitude of thin power and charging cords for phones, tablets and computers need to be accessible, of course, but they can easily end up in a tangle, especially if you only have a few outlets to choose from like we do in RVs. Command hooks can help tame that mess.

Surge protected multiple outlet plug

I decided to tackle a cabinet in our RV that had an electrical outlet in it. It was the perfect place to attach the Command hooks so I could get to the cords while using any of our devices. I first added a multiple outlet plug, like the one above, with USB ports to the standard two-outlet receptacle. The one I chose had the added advantage of also being a surge protector. I then purchased extra long charging cables and plugged them into the outlets.

Multiple command hook stored wires

I added the Command hooks spaced at intervals across the cabinet, which allowed some room around the cords.

Neat stored wires

Now each cord has a place to go (and neatly, might I add) so now the cords won’t get tangled together and I won’t spend half the day untangling them! And, they’re out of sight when not in use, which is an added bonus.



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Ron T.
2 years ago

Devices may have proprietary plugs on their end of the cord, but the other end is pretty much always a standard USB plug.

2 years ago

What happens when all the plugs are different sizes and, because of this, they don’t fit in the multi-outlet thing you’ve provided?

2 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

The outlet thing is for USB and 120v gadgets. If you don’t have USB or 120v ends on your plug-in cords, what happens is you wouldn’t use this thing.

2 years ago

Don’t purchase longer cords for every place. Long cords only where needed.

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