Friday, May 14, 2021

How often do you do laundry?

As much as owning an RV is a superpower (you do have a house on wheels, after all), RVers still have to do the...

Have you ever had to remove a tick from your body?

Eeeeewwwww. Just thinking about ticks makes us cringe. But, 'tis the season for those pesky blood-suckers (seriously, we're cringing). Or, as one of our...
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Do you envision yourself living full-time in an RV someday?

Is your dream to live in an RV full-time — every day of the year? Or are you already doing it? Nobody really knows how...
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How do you feel about RV parks charging more when demand is high, like...

It's already happening, and you can expect it will be happening more often beginning this summer: RV parks are raising the price of a...

Mother’s Day: The best gifts for the RVing mom

Mother's Day is quickly approaching (listen up!) on Sunday, May 9, 2021. What special thing are you doing for the mom in your life...

How many people have ever slept in your RV at one time?

Some RVs can sleep a lot of people, like this Keystone with a dual bunk trailer. It sleeps 14! Even this incredible "teardrop" trailer can...

How often do you use a dehumidifier in your RV?

Many RVers use humidifiers while they're in dry climates, and many RVers also use dehumidifiers when they're in humid climates. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from...

At what age does someone become “middle-aged”?

Your idea of "middle age" when you were younger may be different than it is now, but when you hear the term "middle-aged" what...
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Is the increasing need to make camping reservations far ahead cramping your style?

Along with record-breaking RV sales, and the prospects of even bigger sales in 2022, has come increased competition for a campsite in an RV...

Did the movie “Nomadland” deserve to win Best Picture at the Oscars?

Have you seen the movie "Nomadland," which took home the year's biggest award on Sunday night at the Oscars for Best Picture? Frances McDormand,...

Do you enjoy fishing?

Wherever you are, whether it's at your sticks-and-bricks home or out in your RV near a beautiful lake, do you enjoy fishing? Do you...

Should the use of generators be allowed in National Park campgrounds?

National Parks are often places where we go for some peace and quiet. A noisy generator isn't every park visitor's idea of a good...

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