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We met a celebrity while waiting for our RV to be serviced

Stars RV, too! We were in the service lounge at Tiffin and my husband struck up a conversation with the family next to us. They were talking about all the stuff RVers talk about: how long you’ve been RVing, how you like it, what kind you have, where are you going next, etc. For them, the next stop is on tour! It was Eddie Levert of The O’Jays, his wife, Raquel, and daughter, Ryan.

Eddie Levert of The O’Jays

My husband and I are such fansof The O’Jays! Their iconic songs include “Love Train“, “Back Stabbers”, “For the Love of Money”, and “Forever Mine”. Thirty years ago I met Eddie Levert when he was at General Mills (a former employer of mine) and was performing in Minneapolis. I was probably the only one in the company that pulled out one of my O’Jays CDs and boldly ran up to ask him to sign it. Since then, being full-time RVers, we saved very little—but I still have the signed CD. If I had the Cheerios box The O’Jays were featured on, I would have asked him to sign it, too!

O’Jays CD – Emotionally Yours. Photo credit: Nanci Dixon

Tiffin Allegro Bus RV

Eddie Levert and his family had just bought a new 45-foot Allegro Bus in January and were in Red Bay, Alabama, for warranty work. They have been RVing for the last three years and upgraded to a 45’ to get more room. This is the RV they take on tour and, just like us regular folk, they stay at local RV parks. Unlike us, though, they have a driver that stays at a hotel while they are in the RV. I showed Raquel different RV apps for finding campsites, weather conditions, and routing options.

Eddie’s daughter, Ryan, sings with him and is on The O’Jay’s upcoming tour. You can check out the schedule here.

Love RVing

I asked what they like best about RVing. They said they like to RV both for business and pleasure. Eddie likes to be able to just stay in the RV if he wants, and Ryan likes to see different towns, the countryside and places you never knew existed. Raquel appreciates being able to come and go without having a set schedule like they do when traveling by air. She enjoys nature and is quite the adventurer—she has climbed Kilimanjaro!

You never know who you’ll meet when RVing. Stars, like Eddie Levert, RV too! They related that they “find that the people we meet are more open and pleasant to be around.” And they are just like the rest of the RV folks, friendly and so very pleasant. What a memorable afternoon!





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Neal Davis
10 months ago

Very cool. Thank you!

10 months ago

That’s cool! Several years ago a friends daughter was working at a Texas State Park and had an RVer with a problem with one of their hookups. She went to see about it and found George Strait waiting. She fixed their problem and was about to be on her way when he asked her to join him and his wife for a Thanksgiving meal since she was working that weekend and had no family close by. She did and had a wonderful time.

A.G. wilson III
10 months ago

We met Ernest Borgnine yrs ago at Caravan Oasis in Yuma, Az. His coach was named ‘Sun Bum’. Really a nice guy and we enjoyed our interaction with them.

10 months ago

Check out the tour of his coach.

Ed K
10 months ago

Never have and I really don’t ever want to. The vast majority are overrated in my book, especially the sports types.

10 months ago
Reply to  Ed K

Agreed, 100%.

10 months ago
Reply to  Ed K

Just had to post something, aye?

Cheryl V Clark
10 months ago

Back in the 1990s we camped every summer in Montrose, CO. Actor Dennis Weaver and wife Jeri lived in nearby Ridgeway. We ran into them often, usually at the restaurant and dance hall they owned. We even got to tour their “earth ship” their environmentally friendly house. Very nice, down-to-earth folks.

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