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Deer flies a problem? Try this easy trick

By Nanci Dixon
Deer flies … an RVer’s enemy! Deer flies can be unbelievably irritating at times. So bad you just really, really want to stay inside your RV and never get out. They bite! Hard! The “Bucket of Death” can help.

Photo by Facebook user Annette Larsen

If these little bloodsucking buggers are a problem where you are, here’s an easy trick to get rid of them.

Horse flies and deer flies are attracted to dark colors, particularly the color blue. Use that fact to your advantage and pick up a cheap blue bucket from the dollar store, cover it with Tree Tanglefoot, a sticky substance that’ll trap flies instantly, then wave the bucket in the air (this is the fun part) and watch the deer flies attach themselves firmly to the bucket and not you! Soon the area should be free of the pesky things and you can go about enjoying the great outdoors again.

You can also cover a blue hat with Tanglefoot and be a walking fly trap. You can try and outrun them, or just walk with someone taller than you. They are attracted to the highest moving object.



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Bill J
1 year ago

Here in Maine, at least, one of the most annoying things about horseflies and deerflies is they can see where your face is, and attack you from the rear so you can’t see them and swat them. The Tanglefoot and Deerfly Patches from Amazon will probably work, but in Maine we have a similar way that works better and is cheaper. Get a ball-cap (bill cap) and a roll-package of flypaper. Cut off a strip of flypaper about 8 inches long, and stick the end of it to the end of the cap’s bill, so it is hanging down. Pretend you are 14 years old, and put the bill-cap on backward, with the flypaper hanging behind your neck. After an hour, it is gratifyng to take off the cap and see all those sneaky biters caught in the goo.


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1 year ago
1 year ago

I remember when I was a. kid on my paper route riding my bike that those deer flies seemed to like to bite the back of my neck! Not sure if Tanglefoot would have helped, not even sure it was around 60+ years ago!

1 year ago

Tanglefoot is great for keeping the ants off the hummingbird feeders. Been using it for years. Just put a little on the hanger, not the actual feeder. USE rubber gloves.

chuck kiefer
1 year ago

Where do you buy tree tanglefoot?

Jim Stein
1 year ago
Reply to  chuck kiefer

Nurseries carry Tanglefoot. I apply it to the base of my apple trees to prevent pests like borers and maggots.

1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago

Great idea!…..until you have to clean the bucket.

chuck kiefer
1 year ago
Reply to  Anne

Maybe put it on something disposable like a piece of paper or cardboard

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

For the noisy or rude camper next door, using this goo, oh the possibilities are endless !

7 months ago

Now Donald that’s not, oh what the heck now I’ve got some ideas know. Thanks

Jesse Crouse
12 days ago
Reply to  Skip

I’m with Skip!!!!!!!!!!!