Thursday, October 6, 2022


Fire department trains for RV emergencies

This video is interesting because it raises a point that most RVers never think of: How emergency medical or other personnel would act if summoned to an RV when their help was urgently needed.

For example, think about the exterior and interior doors of RVs. Might a fire department have problems fitting its equipment through such a small space? An ill person who might be easily placed on a gurney in a normal residence might not be so easily handled when in the smaller confines of a recreational vehicle.

This video is from a fire department training exercise in Genesee County, New York.


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1 year ago

So glad to hear EMS and Fire are training for different scenarios of RV rescues. They burn so very fast. I also think it is equally, or even more important, for RV owners themselves to also train for fire emergencies using working fire extinguishers and step ladders to access fire exits in order to get out if need be.

T Hartman
3 years ago

This makes me think. Why isn’t there a small “Hazard Propane” sticker on the bay door of RVs marking where the propane cylinder and shutoff is for emergency personnel?? One would think that DOT and NFPA would require it.

3 years ago
Reply to  T Hartman

On the RVs in our park I often have their propane tanks filled for them while they are out touring. I always see a sticker on or above the cabinet where the propane tank is located. It would be nicer if they were always in the same spot to save me from having to walk around the RV but it is always marked.

Norm Duquette
1 year ago
Reply to  Teri

Also, it is my understanding that the door to the LPG tank cannot be locked. So there is no locking device on that door. The I tent is to ensure that all first responders have quick access to the gas valve if required.

3 years ago

I would like to see a video of several tips/tricks to exit easily from the emergency exit windows.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Hi, Kim. Here is a link to a video from RV fire expert Mac “The Fire Guy” McCoy, and, on Escaping Your RV in a Fire. We hope you never have to use the info in the video, but it’s important to know just in case. 😀 —Diane at