Monday, August 15, 2022


Flying buses: The future is (not) here!

This is the top half of a full page magazine ad for Sinclair Oil. I don’t know the date it appeared. What do you think? Late ’40s? Early ’50s?

It’s so much fun to read back issues of magazines like Life, Saturday Evening Post, Look and other popular periodicals of the mid-20th century. Back issues of Popular Mechanics are good ones, too.

I love this ad, which reads “Flying Buses are not just a dream. Designers are at work on them. Whether or not they look like this, Sinclair super-fuel will be ready to power them when they fly.”

The idea, I suppose, was they would be the flying versions of the local runs of Greyhound buses, stopping at one little town after another.

If you know anything about this, please leave a comment. — Chuck


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Ronald Pottol
3 years ago

This did make me immediately think of William Gibson’s short story “The Gernsback Continuum”. You can find it on line easily enough (not legally though, so not linking).

Here is a short film based on it not as good as the story, but still good.

Roy Ellithorpe
3 years ago

The things that you never forget. I remember 1956, standing at the counter in Don’s Shoe Repair at Sundre, Alberta. The new issue of Popular Mecanics was on the counter. The cover picture was a flying car and the headline read “in 1960 cars will no longer have wheels”.

3 years ago

The bus might not be here yet, but the air taxi, with lots of Silicon Valley money behind it, is quietly becoming quite real.

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