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Full-Time RVer Newsletter #28, April 27, 2022

Volume 2. Issue 28
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Quote of the day

“Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.” ―Ian Fleming

Full-time RVing—Don’t you get lonely?

By Greg Illes
One of the most-asked questions from my non-RV friends is, “Isn’t it awful lonely traveling full-time in a motorhome?”

It’s a somewhat ingenuous query that always makes me smile, but I try to answer seriously, in a way that the novice can understand as a takeaway from our conversation. Fact is, my wife and I meet more people, and we meet more-interesting people, and we have more time to spend with them, than when we are at home. I guess I should preface this by saying we spend only a small part of our time in striped-pavement RV parks; we don’t journey from parking space to parking space. Most of the time we are out in USFS or BLM camps, state or federal parks, or just out-and-out boondocking.

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Some of these articles are from past issues of and have been updated for this newsletter. 

10 tips about how to live together full-time in an RV

Do you think you and your spouse or partner can live together 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a few hundred square feet of space? Put that way, it seems daunting. Yet thousands do so happily in an RV. Here are some tips to help your marriage (and your sanity) survive and even thrive under those conditions.

2022 truckers’ atlas can be huge help to RVers with big rigs

The 2022 Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas is the atlas that truckers rely on to plan their routes. It helps them get “there” the fastest while avoiding roads where they could get stuck with turns too tight or bridges too low to fit through without shaving off their roofs. Continue reading this review by publisher Chuck Woodbury, who has used this guide for years.

That’s just not true! 13 common myths about RVing

By Gail Marsh
A myth is a common statement or belief, widely known and even accepted as truth, but based on false notions or supposed ideas that have not been proven to be factual. Now that’s a definition mouthful! But I think you’ll agree that the following statements are RV myths (or at least partial myths). This is very interesting.

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Quick tip

Chris Dougherty, Certified RV Technician, posted this tip while he was serving as’s technical editor.

Water supply

Campground water supplies vary across the country in pressure, volume, and quality. While most are safe, why take a chance on your health or the taste of your water? Here are a couple of things you can do to help. First, always use a filter. Camco makes a small disposable filter that attaches to the incoming supply hose. They last six months, and work well. Have an RV pressure regulator in your coach? I like the adjustable ones so I can “up” the pressure a bit, but even the basic ones are fine and keep excessively high water pressure from causing damage. An RV potable water hose is also a must. When exposed to sun, regular garden hoses release chemicals into the water which you can taste and smell, not to mention what they can do to your health. Drinking-water-safe hoses don’t do that. If you only use your RV occasionally, any hose will do. If you’re a fulltimer, don’t skimp here—buy a good quality hose. If the ends of the hose fail, don’t throw out the hose if it’s in good shape otherwise. Take it to a local home center and get replacement ends! Another part for your toolbox: hose washers and screened filter washers for your city water inlet.

Where do you carry your RV sewer tote?

If you’re a serious boondocker—or want to be one—you know that one of the more difficult issues can be caring for waste water. If you’ve found that delightful place to park the rig and you want to just stay there for a while, who on earth wants to break camp to go back and dump gray water. Enter the “blue boy” sewer tote, that allows you to dump your waste water in a portable tank, then tote the tank—not the rig—to a suitable dump station. Here are some tips on where to store the blue boy when you’re on the road.

A historic home run: Road trip stops across the U.S. for baseball fans

By Chris Epting
For as long as I can remember, I have loved the idea of mixing baseball history with travel. I’ve written a number of related books, most notably, Roadside Baseball, the locations of America’s baseball landmarks. Whether you are a big fan of the game or not, I think you’ll agree, the history is interesting no matter what. Continue reading.

Your assignment

What advice would give an aspiring full-time RVer?

From the editors: We asked our readers this question. Here is one response: 

“Know your camping style! Do you dream of elegant resorts with many social activities or are your dreams of wild places with not a soul around? Depending on your answer, that will guide you on the type of RV and equipment to purchase (for example, do you want solar, how many ACs, etc.). It will also guide you in determining if you need to make reservations and how far in advance.” —Tracy Waldon

Featured recipe

Chicken Noodle Casserole
by Janet Crow from Quinwood, WV

Oh, yum! This chicken noodle casserole is comfort food with a capital C! It’s warm, creamy, and super hearty. Your family will love it. This casserole reminds us of a pot pie, just without the crust. We loved the pops of sweetness from corn, carrots, and peas. Macaroni soaks up the delicious cream of chicken and mushroom soups flavor. Bread crumbs on top give the crust a little crunch. Perfect dinner for a cold evening.

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