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Dream work camper job! Drive RV around the USA, drink beer and make $50,000 for 6 months’ work

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Do you like beer? Would you mind driving around in a company-provided camper van, visiting national parks, doing a little hiking? Could you stand making $50,000 for six months of this kick-back work? Then Michelob wants you for an RV job. Their successful CEO, or Chief Exploration Officer, will get the money and the job.

Job qualifications

Michelob’s successful candidate is somebody who really loves the outdoors. They’ll need to be good with a still or video camera, and know how to edit their work. And what RV job these days doesn’t require an understanding (and compliance) with safe protocols under COVID-19?

Being physically fit looks to be a necessity. Michelob sees their CEO as somebody who’ll be hiking around a lot. The brewski company wants their explorer to really get a feel for the land and be able to capture those impressions.

Since you’ll be driving that Class B motorhome, you’ll need to have a valid driver’s license. And, yeah, to be able to “reapp” liquid refreshment, courtesy of your employer, you’ll need to be 21. In fact, just to see the details of this offer on the company website, you’ll need to input your birth date.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Where will you go on your six-month sojourn? Here’s the destination list of national parks at the time the company posted the “job opening”:

  • Yosemite
  • Sequoia
  • Big Bend
  • Saguaro
  • Joshua Tree

Of course, the itinerary is subject to change. After all, there’s no accounting for the driveability (or existence of) any national park in these troubled times. But the list gives you an idea of what the company has in mind.

Bring a friend

Is it the ideal RV job? For some, sure enough. If you’re concerned that you might get a little lonesome on the road for six months among the trees (and cactus), fear not. Michelob says you can bring a traveling companion, be it canine or bi-pedal.

Interested? You’ll need to fill out the application. But hurry! The application date for this RV job closes September 30. Here’s a link to more information and the application.


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XGS (@guest_96823)
3 years ago

I would be all in for camping and free beer if it didn’t mean I would have to drink that yellow stuff.

Shannon (@guest_96766)
3 years ago

Sounds like they’re looking for a 20 or 30 something good looking and fit guy. Of course this wouldn’t be verbalized but I doubt an older person could get this job no matter how fit, and I’d be shocked if a female got it. Look at beer ads, good looking guys drinking beer with pretty women hanging around. But hey if you fit the bill go for it, could be a great time, I would if I were 30 years younger and was male and good looking and fit, oh and liked beer. Nope, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

PGR (@guest_96722)
3 years ago

Good deal except for the fact you’d have to drink their swill beer.

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