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Diane M
25 days ago

Laughing out loud at the ladies cooking, cleaning, and gardening in dresses and high heels! RE: 1965 Homes on Wheels.

Gary Swope
25 days ago

“Readers Pet of the Day” Old Leroy must have switched on the Auto Pilot so he could take a quick cat nap…or should I say….dog nap. Lol. Everyone, be safe out there.

26 days ago

I think once coronavirus is over we are going to see a lot of late model RV’s hit the used market driving prices down and campground occupancy returning to normal.

Gary Reed
26 days ago
Reply to  Paul

X2 on that.

26 days ago
Reply to  Paul

From your keyboard to God’s ears.

25 days ago
Reply to  Paul

i hope you right.

26 days ago

Got to admit I look forward to those “different” songs, reminds me when I was young and stuff like this was always on the radio – thank you.

26 days ago

In your editorial today, why the contempt for inexpensive trailers and the gullible (your word) people who by them? Have you forgotten the roots of RVing?

Keira B
25 days ago
Reply to  friz

And, have you looked at how trailers were made in the 60s?