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The best kind of wedgie: Andersen RV levelers

Automatic leveling systems have come a long way, and to the point where even some travel trailers, such as Keystone’s Outback brand, have seven-point automatic leveling systems. However, you can save many thousands of dollars and simplify your RV experience with a set of leveling wedges instead. 

I like to write about products I’ve found that I use regularly on the road, and these Andersen levelers are one of those products. Effectively, they’re just a curved plastic wedge device. But, in practice, they really make setting up camp a simple affair. 

Last year I was on a business-related camping trip where I had to set our 19’ Rockwood Mini Lite travel trailer up in a windy, rainy, miserable conditions. The campsite I was assigned was about as on the level as a politician on the campaign trail. Fortunately, I had my Andersen levels with me. I had previously applied bubble level gauges to the front and side of my travel trailer. 

How to use Andersen levelers

Basically, I just backed the trailer onto the Andersen wedge until the bubble level indicated that I was level side-to-side. Simple. From that point on you use the trailer’s tongue jack to level it front to back and then set your stabilizer jacks. 

Unless you’re moving slowly, you can have camp ready in just a few minutes with this methodology. It’s pretty great. 

The Andersen wedges are relatively foolproof, starting about 1/2” thick on one end and going up to 4” thick on the other. Only once have I come across a paid campsite that was so off-level that I wasn’t sure that it was going to work. 

The wedges come with two pieces, the actual wedge that you drive onto, as well as a smaller wedge that you use to lock the larger wedge in place. If you happen to have a two-axle trailer, you’re going to have to get two sets of these. There is a package that includes all four of these pieces. 

I’m a huge fan of simple things that my brain can understand. A plastic wedge falls into that category. I know that multi-point automatic leveling systems are becoming more widespread in their availability. But I just love solutions that don’t involve a lot of mechanical wizardry to make them work. I’d prefer plain old crank windows in my pickup, which are impossible to find. 

Are there alternative levelers if these don’t work?

While my trailer only has a single axle, most have two. There have been more than a few people who have complained that the Andersen wedges don’t fit well between the two wheels of two-axle trailers. While Andersen says that you can cut the tip off one of the levels to make their product fit better, Camco Manufacturing has come out with a level that is similar to the Andersen product that will fit well in two-axle trailers. 

Camco’s solution has a rubber surface on one side to avoid slipping. I’m told their product works really well. 

Either way, these simple wedges can make a big difference when you’re setting up camp and want to get to those beers in the fridge or those fish in the stream. Oh, my record for going from a trailer attached to the pickup truck to camp setup and a beer in hand is seven minutes—thanks to the simplicity of these levelers. 

Another thing I like about the Andersen version of these is that you can set them on their side and put your tongue jack into them. (Sorry. Something about that sentence just seems naughty.) So they seem to have multiple uses. 

Since they work with almost any RV configuration, they’re definitely a core component of any camping setup. 

You can buy these levelers here for a totally worth-it price.



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5 months ago

I’ve had the Andersen set for 3 years and love them. I have used them many times on gravel, asphalt and concrete with no issues. I have not used them on grass that I can remember so I will not comment on grass. They are simple, easy to install and to remove. I also like the fact that I can make very small adjustments to get as level as practical. I recommend them.

7 months ago

These things are amazing! When we were camping for three weeks in Michigan, we used these multiple times. I don’t know what we would have done without them.

Gene Cheatham
7 months ago

I have the Andersen set up and they work great on rough surfaces. Get them on smooth asphalt or concrete and the hard plastic slides along like they were on wheels. That’s my only issue.

Roger Marble
7 months ago

Just be sure that whatever you use to support your tires they are at least as wide as the tire tread so you do not have any part of the tread hanging over the side of the support. This can cause internal structural damage.

John Lockhart
7 months ago

I’ve only been using the Anderson levelers for one season, but I haven’t had any issues with them. Combined with the Level Mate Pro, I can level from the driver’s seat.

My latest addition is a snap pad for my tongue jack, which will eliminate placing a board beneath it. Anything that can make it easier/quicker when it’s rainy, dark, cold, or just after a long day!

7 months ago

We have broken a couple of them on gravel surfaces, but the company has honored their warranty and replaced them free of charge. Can’t ask for better than that.

Jere Jarrell
7 months ago

Anderson levelers are probably alright on hard ground. But when I tried to use them on softer ground (I guess that was the reason) they broke and were no longer usable and the Company did not stand behind them.

7 months ago
Reply to  Jere Jarrell

I broke several and just gave up on them. They would crack at the ‘belly button’

Last edited 7 months ago by chris
7 months ago

I hated the Andersen levelers, due to the slick surface they slide on grass, dirt, gravel and most any surface. The other brands have a surface that grips.

Not to mention the owner of the company caught defacing our National Parks.

Champ Ferguson
7 months ago
Reply to  Tim

Tim nailed it; the vandalism of our National Parks is incomprehensible and inexcusable. I will NEVER buy anything from that family or their company.

Kyle Petree
7 months ago
Reply to  Tim

I went with Beach Lane levels – similar design but I think a bit better. He did make a public apology, and I appreciate that. However it still speaks to character.

Steve Comstock
7 months ago

Camco levelers and a Level Mate Pro make it easy for me and my 2017 Flagstaff 25KS!

Mark Kaye
7 months ago

i have a level indicator (level mate pro) that tells me how far each corner is off
how could i use these to make the necessary adjustments?
currently i use 3/4″ rubber mats cut to size & insert the # required, but i have to carry quite a few (dual rears) and they are heavy

7 months ago
Reply to  Mark Kaye

I also have level mate pro and using these levelers makes it really easy to set up.

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago

We bought a pair of these ‘roll-ons’ many years ago, but not Anderson. They are hard, HARD rubber. They actually work well but are SO heavy I quit bringing them. Now we use them at home if we have to use our home dump station. I lift up the side opposite the dump valves to help completely dump our tanks. Then I bought two hard plastic ‘ramps’ with two levels. I was 500 miles away from home when I bought them so I was unable to see if they’d fit between my axles. They don’t! I hesitate to ‘cut-to-fit’ for fear of reducing the strength and integrity of the cut end. So now I just use them for raising the rear of the truck to raise the front of our trailer in a quick one-night-stay without having to disconnect.

Last edited 7 months ago by Tommy Molnar
Dave Mckenna
7 months ago

$100 for 4 chunks of plastic seems excessive, so although interested, I never purchased a set. About a year ago, on the strong recommendation of a friend, I bit the bullet and bought a set. No regrets! I love them. The ease of use and time savings over the last year have been worth the expense.

7 months ago

If you ever venture off road, another good alternative that serves 2 purposes, is auto traction pads that will get you out of sand or mud, but can also serve levelling pads, because they fold up in sections to offer different levelling thicknesses. Pinto, Inc GoTreads Emergency Automotive Traction Tool – 2-Pack (Orange) : Automotive

7 months ago

Have had them for about 8 years and love them! Setting up and leveling is so easy.
I cannot recommend them highly enough. Only once have I needed to have something extra to drive up onto first, and that spot was so out-of-level that it was crazy.

7 months ago

Only issue I have had with the Andersen Levelers is the footprint is small and they sink into a soft surface more readily than the square yellow blocks. Otherwise, great product!