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Letter to the editor: ‘I’d like to see an app that shows specific RV site specs’

Reader Earl B. sent this to our inbox earlier this week and we thought it was worth sharing. His idea about RV site specs great! Perhaps an add-on project for Campground Views, hmm?

Dear Editor,
Isn’t it about time someone creates an RV site specs website where you can look up the size of the RV site? Too many times I have arrived and the site was too narrow for my RV. With slides out on one side and your awning out on the other, it leaves very little room to function.

I have gotten to sites and realized I couldn’t put my awning out all the way, or noticed that the back-in site was so short I didn’t have enough room to park my truck. All sites should be angled for easy in and out. Does the entry door face the southern and western sunlight? Does the site have any shade? We need a good app that lets you see the site before booking. Sure, you can ask for detailed information about the site when you book, but some don’t even know the size or anything about it. Thanks for letting me vent. —Earl B.


What do you think about Earl’s app idea? Do you know of an app or website that already does this? Campground Views comes close, but…



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9 days ago

Someday (maybe) Google Maps/Earth will allow for advanced “zoom in” function and have an option to hide trees and foliage…..to better analyze the campsites. They already remove airplanes in flight…why not trees too?

10 days ago

As mentioned below, Google Maps can be a great resource. I use the satellite view all the time to measure the site pad, view how wooded it is, and see how close sites are. Also good to review roads to get to the camp as well as within.

One thing I would really like is to know is the slope of the site. While not as critical with towables it is important with large motorhomes with long wheelbases. Pictures never seem to tell that story very well.

Glenn Struck
10 days ago

I booked a site online based on the site map. Two days later I received a phone call, the campground suggested that I move over 1 site for a better fit. Now I can park my toad in front of my motorhome.
Thank you “Thunder Canyon” in Ider Alabama.

10 days ago

All three of the major map sites allow you get an overhead view. Even so, it is impossible to tell the actual length and width of the site. Plus, a lot of sites are bordered by trees.
None of the site maps on the websites are to scale. They are drawings showing the approximate layout. I normally call the campground and ask what the length of the particular site is. I pull a 34 foot toy hauler and need enough room to drop the ramp and still park my TV.

Capt. Jim
10 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Google maps has a measurement tool in Sat view. I use it regularly.

Jim Johnson
10 days ago

Michigan State Park campgrounds include site photos on their reservation site. It is a good faith effort, but trust me 2D photos still don’t tell you everything you might want to know. It pays to also look at photos for adjoining sites, the campground site map and satellite views if a relatively current view is available. And if it is that important, pick up your phone, call and ask for advice.

Bill T
10 days ago

I use google maps satellite view of the CG and get a pretty good picture of the site and area (trees and so forth). Most CG’s have been around for decades and were not designed for 40+ foot rigs with tow vehicles. There is a multitude of CG booking apps and programs available but I have found that most of their databases are incomplete. Using several of these apps (usually the free ones) plus the increasing number of CG websites works the best for todays technology. It would be a huge undertaking, not to mention expensive, to try to accommodate every RV’er out there. Perhaps a bigger concern should be with the maintenance and upkeep of existing campsites.

Bob p
10 days ago
Reply to  Bill T


10 days ago
Reply to  Bill T

Same here. We use it to look at any place we may be stopping. It even shows places to eat and get fuel. Has links to available websites.

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