Incredible! Don’t stay at this motel or you will be beaten!


By Chuck Woodbury
Here is yet another reason to avoid motels and hotels in favor of your RV. Not only can you sleep in your own bed each night, knowing it’s bedbug-free, you will wake up the next morning pain free. But not so in this motel.

As you can plainly see, if you should choose to stay here you will be beaten. It says so right on the sign.

So, if you are not into masochism, this place should be avoided at all costs. But heck, if you’re into that sort of thing, then this is pretty much a dream come true!

The photo is from my Out West Newspaper archives

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Norris Bryan
8 months ago

The question should have also included gender. I would be willing to bet that you would see a large difference n the results.Women are more apt than men to have that close relationship then men as women tend to be more relation oriented then men.

Sink Jaxon
8 months ago
Reply to  Norris Bryan