Do you have a really good, close friend?


Are you lucky enough to have a really good friend, someone you’ve likely known for a long time — maybe even grew up with and then stayed close in touch with through the years?

We all have acquaintances, most people do anyway. They’re people we’re close to, often by proximity (a neighbor) or by work. But if our circumstances change, they often go their own way, and we go ours.

But, a true friend — someone who is always there, someone you can talk with about anything — do have such a person in your life?

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Not really – other than my hubs, but if we’re being honest – there are things I can’t talk to him about either without inciting an argument. Sad, if you think about it.


Yes, I married her 30 years ago today.

Joel and Betty

I am 89 years of age…..All my best friends over the years have died.
I have my 3 senior citizen kids….. you know you are old when the
kids are senior citizens (over 55).

Martin Nadelman

We have been best friends since elementary school – 60 years! Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a friend!

Steve S.

My wife.


I said “yes” but would have rather said “Yes, to ‘almost’ anything”.


I have just such friend . We met when we each got out of the service in 1976. He the Navy, me the Air Force. We worked at the same two companies together for about 20 years. We have celebrated births, and deaths, Graduations and grand-kids, and refer to each other as “My brother from another mother”. Over the years we have shared just about every story or situation imaginable. I wouldn’t trade the old coot for anything. We are indeed blessed for 43 years of such closeness.

Debbie PJ



A true friend: Yes, however I answered “no” as he passed away a couple years ago. We shared everything and knew it to be confidential. He was always there when I needed help with virtually anything. God speed my friend Glen.


This would be more interesting enumerated 8 ways by spouse and gender. I’d suspect more women will say yes, and it’s noteworthy to account for (just fine) best friends with your spouse and (not so fine) still no including a spouse.


I’m lucky enough to have 2, with one we call each other ” my oldest and dearest friend”, we have been the best of friends for 60 years. The other has been a wonderful friend for 26 years. And then there is my daughter, I’m one of the lucky moms who has a friend in my daughter.
I do think it is harder to make really good friends as we get older, not enough history as friends, and not enough time to develop the trust.


I thought I did years ago but, whether or not I was right or wrong, he betrayed me. The other I could to a point, I thought we were good friends but when distance separated us he never reached out to make contact, if I didn’t make contact there was none there was a couple of people that I thought were good friends but now I know we were just acquaintances at that point of our lives. So no, no friends but me and my wife who has been my friend for 34 years now.

Alaska Traveler

My husband…. but that didn’t qualify as a friend…..

Dave W

Two that I could talk to have passed away in the last two months and another two last summer. Scary as of the 4, three were my age. Now it’s just my DW and me

Captn John

I’ve outlived all 3.


It would be interesting to do two versions of this poll. One for men and one for women. I bet that women tend to have a lot more close friends that they discuss secrets with than men.

Tommy Molnar

Unfortunately, best friend ever died several years ago. I think he took a piece of me with him . . .


My really good friend is my sister,I can talk to her about anything.


My best friend grew up across the street from me for 19 years, until I got married and moved away. She then packed up her life and moved to where we lived, she found a job and married a local. Needless to say, they stayed in this city while we moved back home. We now live 1,000 miles apart but either one of us can pick up the phone and the miles disappear and we can talk about anything life throws at us. It’s been 63 years and now that we are all retired we vacation together across the country in our motor homes with our spouses. Our friendship is the best of us.


My best friend in the whole world is Jesus. I can talk to Him any time and He’s always there to listen and He gives the best answer I could ask for.