Friday, October 22, 2021


New Truck Preview: 2022 Toyota Tundra is all new

By James Raia
After years of minor upgrades, the 2022 Toyota Tundra will be all new with a bigger payload and towing capacities and a different interior and exterior look.

With a more aggressive-looking front bumper and cutaways underneath the headlights, the new Tundra is expected to follow the path of the modern-looking Toyota TRD Pro models.

The new bold look of the 2022 Tundra.
The new (possible) bold look of the 2022 Tundra. This is a rendering, since there is no photo available yet.

The 2022 Tundra is expected to feature the manufacturer’s latest truck chassis, which will include high-strength steel and other lighter-weight materials. Current 1,730-pound payload and 10,200-pound towing figures will be improved upon.

2022 Toyota Tundra: No V8?

According to internet reports, Toyota will discontinue the Tundra’s V8 with a V6-only powertrain. Less powerful new Tundra models will feature naturally aspirated 3.5-liter, 278 horsepower engines. Higher-end Tundra trims will feature 3.4-liter, 416 horsepower engines. Toyota may also offer a Tundra with a gas-electric powertrain.

Interior and exterior design details haven’t been announced. But the exterior design is expected to have a bolder and larger new grille and a taller hood. The interior is expected to include Toyota’s new version of the latest Entune infotainment technology.

Prices also haven’t been revealed, but an MSRP of approximately $35,000 is predicted. Prices for the new Tundra could exceed $55,000 with the highest level trim and with all available options. A consumer availability date hasn’t been released.


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9 months ago

This is a photoshopped picture of a Nissan Titan and the information provided is nothing more than a regurgitation of previously written articles by other people.

Gary Lentz
9 months ago

Please let me know when the 2022 Tundra comes out! I have a Money Tree 🌲, I’m ready to buy! I live in Santa Rosa.
Mobile: 7074842943

Jim Stewart
9 months ago

Wow. So glad you are able to regurgitate and repost everything that has already been speculated over the last 6 months. Please tell me the point and value of your article.

9 months ago
Reply to  Jim Stewart


Ron Baran
9 months ago

This is a old photo , and not the new Tundra. This article is BS!!!!.

9 months ago

I like the headlights, but the HUGE grille is not a good looking design.

Gage Jaeger
9 months ago

What you’re looking at here is a picture of a photoshopped front end of a Nissan Titan…

Ron Baran
9 months ago
Reply to  Gage Jaeger

Yes you are correct, I don’t think Toyota would spend all that time and money to build the new Tundra that looks like a ford. Ridiculous!!!

9 months ago

Builders insist on electric 4×4 trucks, we do not have electric dispensers up at the mountains, please be smart!!!!

Mike James
9 months ago

Yea ford an gm trucks are junk

9 months ago

Toyota really loves the “Predator” (the movie) look. It’s ugly to me.

Alan Lublinski
9 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Yeah I’m not a big fan of this design and I love Toyota, this design reminds me of the new Nissan Titan for some reason

9 months ago
Reply to  Alan Lublinski

That is a Titan Pro4x with a photoshopped grill.

Bob P
9 months ago

416 hp out of a 3.4L V6 with no mention of a turbo, I believe they’ve out done Ford.

Tarnardus Ford
9 months ago
Reply to  Bob P

Nope. Still behind ford. The engine will be twin turbo setup.

9 months ago
Reply to  Tarnardus Ford

Ford is and always will be behind Toyota trucks in reliability ratings and resale values , and that is and has been a statistical fact . I’ve owned 4 Ford truck , 2 gm’s and will never make that mistake again

9 months ago
Reply to  Isaac

What difference does it make if the payload capacity is only 1100 lbs on most crewmax tundras? I really wanted to buy one but sadly I couldn’t find one with a door sticker payload over 1100. That wouldn’t even pull a light trailer with a full cab. Hell, even the highlander we were trading in had 1340. Only way you’re getting 1700 like in the article is on a single cab 2wd,no thanks.

Alan Lublinski
9 months ago
Reply to  Das

Yeah so unfortunately Toyota is not yet in the heavy duty tow game, if you plan on towing a lot of weight get at least a 250 or the New 2500 Cummins Trucks are good looking and pretty reliable

Charles White
9 months ago
Reply to  Das

I own a 2013 crewman Tundra & the payload rating sticker is 1350 (-55 factory adds). We basically hit the payload just on myself 3-4 passengers, & coolers, suitcases etc. in the bed. Forget about the 80 lb dog. It’s actually embarrassing really. You would never be able to tow anywhere near the max rating short of being a 150 lb man driving alone while naked.

Alan Lublinski
9 months ago
Reply to  Isaac

It’s ok I’ve learned the hard way as well, American trucks will 8 times out of 10 let you down as far a reliability. Owning a Toyota gives you peace of mind when traveling.. that’s worth more to me than stylish looks and Bells and whistles, IMO.