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Sharon B
1 year ago

Leave the Parks alone. The Parks are our National Treasures and never should any drilling or mining be allowed. This administration full of [xxxxxxs] has never camped nor probably never walked in a forest. They would never see the forest through the trees. They would see nothig.
The are totally oblivious. The almighty buck wants to contaminate again.
If Amazon wants to deliver let them drop it off in an Amazon bin.

1 year ago

re: Amazon deliveries in parks
Lousey idea. Should not happen in any parks: Fed, State nor local. I hope this idea bombs.

1 year ago

I remember reading about an incident where a truck lost its load and it hit a car. Lets just say that was not a happy outcome. I see trucks with that type of load? I am in another lane. I do not want to be impaled. Speaking of impaled. I like the play on works impaled in an Impala. Glad every one walked on that one. As for Camping World again I walked into my favorite store and asked them about what I was hearing. Closing stores and bankruptcy. They were stunned to hear this. But they did tell me they are going into selling RVs and continue with their repair shop. Which I have been using for years. I was stunned by how empty the store was and they told me a lot of it was sent to their outlet store in Utica Michigan. As for privatization of the National Parks they are already doing this as we speak. The shuttles we use in the system are not federal employees but out sourced private employees which the NP hires which is why I am eyeing driving for them because of the hourly wage. I am all for privatizing the National Parks keeping some aspects of it in Federal hands. Otherwise privatizing the campgrounds and other sources for the tourists is something that the parks really need to do. I agree with Trump on this one. Privatization does work for some things. As for fracking? Oklahoma has had minor earthquakes since it began. Kind of scary to think we are damaging the environment.

Scott Snider
1 year ago

What ever happened to the story about the couple in AZ building an RV park?

1 year ago