RVtravel.com Reader Pets #38

“This is Miley. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She loves camping and bug hunting.”—John Mitchell

“Oliver is a 3-month-old reverse brindle pug. His 1st trip was this past weekend to the KOA in Rodanthe, NC. He enjoyed discovering new places to sniff and meeting new friends and taking lots of naps.” —Eric Ramey

Tayla and Takota
“This is Tayla (dog) and Takota (cat). Tayla is 5 years and a very experienced RVer – she has been to Alaska and back besides several other trips. She loves to ride in front of the passenger on the dashboard (on emergency stops she, fortunately, does not go through the windshield). For Takota, this is his first outing in the motorhome. He seemed to like it. Best part for him was all the miller moths to chase! Don’t have the heart to tell him that will not happen every trip.” —Kaeleen Buckingham

“This is Rosie. She is a native Montanan and the smartest dog to ever adopt me. Some of the things she loved was laying on a pile of snow and going wherever I was going. I always felt safe while hiking because with one eye blue and one brown she looked like the proverbial ankle-biting protector that strangers did not want to approach. The truth is she would lick you to death. Dogs have the ability to give everything and ask for so little.” —Cee Taylor

“This is Jelly, my service dog. I have PTSD and anxiety. She will sleep through a bear rooting through my garbage. The bear finds nothing and gets mad and scratches the side of my camper, she opens one eye and rolls over. Move her food bowl an inch and she is all over it.” —Em Burlingame

“This is CeCe, a Shih Tzu, and she just loves her elk antler bone. Travels in a 25′ Leisure Travel Van.” —Jerry X Shea

“This is Alwyn. 6-year-old Rottie. He loves traveling with us. Especially exploring new places. This pic is from our December trip to Sedona.” —Lynn Loftis

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