Thursday, June 8, 2023


A poem from a reader. Our favorite testimonial!

Reader Dianne Belk submitted this poem to us and we, for obvious reasons, smiled the whole way through. We had to share it with all of you. Dianne, thank you for writing!

By Dianne Belk
My husband and I started RVing as soon as I could retire,
This RV life would let us “see it all” before we would expire.

So we hit the road armed with gadgets all sizes and shapes,
With maps and manuals and GPS to limit our mistakes.

We packed tee shirts and doormats and matching folding chairs,
All with cute little camping slogans (as if anyone really cares)!

We started out confident thinking we probably knew it all,
But each passing mile proved our RV knowledge was very small.

We googled terms like “full hook up”, “boondock”, “50 amp” and “toad.”
Our poor guardian angels worked overtime just to keep us on the road.

We learned to use the “Jake brake” while on a 10% Wyoming grade,
And found that RV AC has limits in Tucson with no shade.

RV basics were not very basic; we were overwhelmed to say the least.
We longed for sticks and bricks; we called our RV “The Beast”.

Some RV friends kindly told us about a newsletter we might need
Called RV TRAVEL by Chuck Woodbury – we signed up and started to read.

We found the newsletter to be helpful, insightful yet funny and wise,
Our RV skills started improving which came as a surprise.

Gary Bunzer, RV Doctor, seemed to answer questions we hadn’t asked.
We still miss his column; I cried like a baby on the day he passed.

We enjoy the polls, brain teasers, true stories and all the RV news.
RV TRAVEL has made us winners in a field with much to lose.

We have purchased road flares and fire extinguishers we hope to never use…
…but Chuck recommends them so it’s a wise purchase to choose.

RV TRAVEL has made a difference in our RV use and care,
We take trips confidently now and with much less despair.

Boondocking, water filters, coax cables, and Daily RV tips,
Whatever subject covered seems pertinent to our trips.

So thank you RV TRAVEL for being our shining star,
Teaching us RV skills so we can travel near and far!


Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


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1 year ago

The poem just “hits the proverbial nail on the head”! I LOVED it!

Bob p
1 year ago

This is why I became a member, I send more than any RV publication costs but the information I get is far more valuable than a monthly publication.

1 year ago

Loved it!

2 years ago

I love this poem! And I relate to so much of it, especially learning about the Jake Brake on a 10% Wyoming grade. Love it!!

Sharon E Amenta
2 years ago

Awesome and so true!!

Wayne Boshier
2 years ago

Beautiful Poem! RVing without RVtravel Is like ice cream without the cream!
We love all the useful knowledge. Especially here in Ontario , Canada.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Boshier

Awwwww … that’s sweet, Wayne. Thank you! Have a great day, and stay healthy. 🙂 —Diane at

STEPHEN P Malochleb
2 years ago

Absolutely wonderfullllllllll. Thanks for sharing.

Gary Swope
2 years ago

Very nice.

Billy B
2 years ago

Cool & Applause!!

2 years ago

Out right outstanding! Thank you!

2 years ago

That poem would be great on a coffee mug- if it would fit

2 years ago

Excellent (and true!) poem. It’s impossible to count the number of times RV Travel has positively impacted my Rv’ing experience. Great Job Dianne, and great job RV Travel!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Bravo, Dianne!

Dr. Willie Live
2 years ago

I get up every morning feed the pets, 2 cat, Harley and Ralphy, and the hairey door bell, Tucker. Next is to read RV TRAVEL, this makes my day. Happy Trailes.

Mary Martin
2 years ago

Goodness that was delightful and true hah! Thank you for sharing.

Glen Cowgill
2 years ago

I absolutely love people who can take just about any subject and turn it into wit and still make a point. Great writing!

Marty chambers
2 years ago

Very well written and entertaining. I agree with everything it stated.

2 years ago

Great poem !

2 years ago

Very Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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