If you were to attend a live event, which of these would you prefer?


Doesn’t it feel like so long ago you were in a crowd of people? Is the idea of being at a crowded event like a sporting event, live music show or author reading becoming foreign to you? It’s starting to feel very distant…

What kind of live event is your favorite to attend? Are you a sports person? Do you hold season tickets to your favorite teams’ games? Do you enjoy live music in the summer? What about a lecture series?

Of the options listed in the poll below, which would you choose to attend right now if you could?

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dawn ellen miller

I’d take a class if they could hold it where there is fresh air and space (the way I prefer it too) but then again, I’m kinda geeky

Rory R

I don’t plan to attend any live events for some time with all the underlying medical problems I enjoy, although they are under control, they still exist. Live sporting events, I plan to watch on TV or listen to on radio/podcasts. Live concerts will also be relegated to Youtube/podcasts/video. Church services online/TV/radio and they are available everywhere. Classes, are also available online, and I now do most of my shopping online. While at my homebase, I’m spending time gardening to get that vitamin D and BBQ’ing in the backyard. I even built my own firepit. I’m retired and in no hurry. I intend to enjoy as much of my time on this earth as I can, and not in a hospital. I, like most others feel the urge to get out and RV, but when and where I do it will be well thought out, as I continue to wake up every morning and take a deep breath, in lieu of pinching myself. I’m still a lucky person…

mark b

Broadway (or Broadway in Chicago) show.

It’s a shame Jerry Garcia died. The “Grateful Dead” seems an appropriate choice for a large concert gathering right now.


I’m not planning to go anywhere there are large groups of people where social distancing isn’t possible.

Betty Bryson

You didn’t include movie going or live theater events. Our Shakespeare festival theater tickets were refunded for September, the whole summer season in Ashland Oregon canceled! That Oregon governor is not thinking straight!

Cheryl Bacon

We started eating inside restaurants instead of to go. It felt so weird, but it is our new reality.

Al Lefeusch

I moved into my RV to get away from crowds.


Would of and want to attend a church service.


We had reservations for Disney World when they closed the parks due to Covid-19. We rescheduled & are hoping they open again soon.


Outdoor movie for me. They used to hold them in our local park in the summer and it was a lot of fun.


You didn’t include a major live event for many of us: simply being able to attend church.


A Bluegrass festival where you can spread out a big blanket for space.

Dave J

Jimmy Buffet Concert.


GO CUBS! a music concert and a date night… movie and dinner..are VERY VERY close seconds. we are not afraid.

Robert D Olson

It would be Church, sure miss it.