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Did you ever take a typing class?

Remember the good ol’ days of typing classes? Doesn’t that feel like another lifetime?

Now, if you want to learn how to type or improve your typing, all you have to do is sit on your couch and use a program from the comfort of your own home, like this one at Now if only those programs were around before…

Did you ever take a typing class or did you teach yourself? Perhaps you took a typing class at one point but don’t remember much of it. Either way, will you tell us in the poll below? Remember, it may take a moment (or two) to load. It can be a bit slow sometimes. Thanks!


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Michelle Smedley
2 years ago

My school district mandated every 10th grade student had to take typing. This was in rural northern Idaho in the 70’s and included male students. Most of my classmates were grateful for the typing class when computers became as popular as TV’s.

Dr. Mike
2 years ago

My mother forced me to take a typing class in 7th grade. I was the only boy in the class. Fought it tooth and nail until I scored my first kiss! The next year I signed up for advanced business machines…dictaphones, adding machines, programmable calculators…and a whole year of “quality time” with the nicest girls in school. Thanks, mom!

Richard B
2 years ago

I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering but the class I use the most is the typing class I took with a bunch of girls as a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL! I use it every day and never use Statics or Dynamics.

Bob Packer
2 years ago

I took two semesters in high school as I was the only male in the class. Stood me in good stead when I went into the service. I became a Morse Code intercept operator and typed at 120 wpm. When I retired from the Air Force and went into the civilian labor market, I usually typed all of my corresponence since I could type faster than my secretaries. And I had no problem transitioning to computers.

Kerri M.
2 years ago

It was still offered when I was in high school, but I took the computer class instead.

Class of ‘89

Bayinnah Shabazz
2 years ago

Typing teacher asked me not to return for the second semester, but I learned the finger position on the board. Still the slowest typer On the computer or phone, but I have good form.

2 years ago

It was the most valuable class I took in high school. One day the teacher took us to another room, and we were able to use the electric typewriters. How things have changed.

Richard Winchester
2 years ago

Yes I did, Tahoe Truckee High School Freshman year, 1964. Didn’t help much as I still H and P when typing on a typewriter or the computer.

Bobby Semon
2 years ago

In high school (back in the dark ages) I took typing in my freshman year, all the girls took typing so I wanted to be around the girls (I was a dirty old man at the age of 14) out of about 25 kids, only 2 were boys. I have never been sorry I took typing, who knew it would help so much when computers (didn’t know what a computer was back then) became so popular.

2 years ago

Typing may have saved my life. I trained, during Viet Nam, as a Combat Engineer. When asked if I could type, I was sent to South Korea rather than Nam with the rest of my company and became Classified Clerk in the I-CORPS Engineers Office. Decades later I learned that my dad had boarded a ship during WWII, headed for Germany. The ship never made it. Before the ship left harbor there went out a call for someone that could type. He was pulled off and made a clerk in the Medical Corps and that is why I was born in New Orleans rather than having never been born..

Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

Typing class in 1969 in high school. Then, in 1972 when I enlisted in the Air Force I was essentially told, “You took typing in school, you’re now an Admin Specialist”. When I retired in 1993, I could do 80+ wpm on an IBM Selectric and 120+ wpm on a computer keyboard. Today, 27 years later, I might do 50, if I’m lucky.

Austin Crehan
2 years ago

Back in the day, I took a typing class as a senior in high school. I discovered the class was full of girls so that was my inducement. Little did I know that skill would be part of my professional success going forward. No, I was not a journalist but typing did indeed play a large part in my career of Engineering. At 72 and long retired, I continue to enjoy time on the keyboard.

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

Started on a typewriter like the one pictured. When my sons started using my computer I made them do a typing program. I don’t know if it helped them but the oldest is a programer/developer and supervisor of same so he has had to type a lot.

Diane Mc
2 years ago

Learned in high school and can still touch type and at quite a fast rate. Never had to use it on a job with a typewriter. However, I had a couple of jobs that required data input via a teletype machine (yes, I’m old :-)). I watch people hunt and peck on their computers/iPads and I couldn’t do it…lol! Trying to get my granddaughters to learn!

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I was required to learn touch-typing in high school — though I am typing this with two fingers since I currently have a big bandage in my right index finger. It really slows me down.

2 years ago

Typing my husband learned in High School, approx ’63-64, has been beneficial in many personal & work circumstances, including second year in Army (’70-71) as draftee. As a lowly Military Policeman in Thailand, a high-ranking officer learned he could both type and write in complete sentences, so he garnered a desk job writing reports in an air-conditioned office, instead of duty such as patrolling bars, packed to the gills with drunken soldiers. We occasionally comment that typing might have ‘helped save his life’ while in the US Army.

Gary Sain
2 years ago

Typing story: On a teacher’s advice, I took typing in high school (70’s) as my handwriting was so atrocious. In the 80’s part of my job was writing procedures. I would use the group’s typewriter to put together a rough version and send it on to the group that finalized and filed it. I got coached by someone in mgt. that as a professional, I wasn’t supposed to be using a typewriter. That was for the ‘girls in the typing pool.’ Served all those old farts right when we got computers and entered the world of email. Yayyy PROFS!

2 years ago

Back in 1966 typing was mandatory if you were on the “college prep” track. I was terrible but the teacher bumped my grade one letter because he was a fan of some charity work my dad was doing. It was a handy skill for college papers and then again when computers arrived.

2 years ago

Like many others had typing in HS with typewriters like pictured above. We didn’t have enough typewriters so first we had to memorize the keyboard. Typing served me well in my career. My wife and I made sure our children took keyboarding (as it was called during the 80s). Remember JMJ

Last edited 2 years ago by Tom
Sharon W.
2 years ago

I took typing in high school. Manual typewriters. We typed to the beat of music in the beginning of classes, then we would put paper bags over our heads so we couldn’t see the keys. It was quite fun! Today it would be child abuse!

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