Saturday, October 1, 2022


How do you feel about spending a week without access to social media?

Is it fair to say that social media has taken over the world? We think so. Your world? Maybe, maybe not, but certainly the majority of the world.

If you had to go a week without any access to social media, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no nothin’, could you do it? Would it be easy for you? Hard for you? Could you do it but you wouldn’t want to?

After you vote, please feel free to explain your answer in the comments below. We’re curious to hear your thoughts. Just please keep them civil or political. Thanks, we appreciate it.


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Jim Soper
7 months ago

We go on cruises periodically and can buy a wifi package. We only do this if we need to be in touch for something important. Otherwise, it is nice to unplug for a week.

Jan Kuester
7 months ago

I find it a huge RELIEF to be off the grid so to speak- no social media, phone, or email. My adult children, however, hate it and have me “dead in the ditch” even though they know where my hubby and I are located.

7 months ago
  1. A week—- How about a year!
7 months ago

Seriously? Is that even a question? Better to ask how I’d survive a week without coffee!

7 months ago

Social media is the downfall of civilization!

Paul Cecil
7 months ago

I have gone with out “social media” when traveling. The world did not end so I survived it. For me the internet is a tool and I treat it as such. But I do understand that for some it is more then that.
To the RVTravel editor. How about a poll on what is “camping” to you? I am sure the responses will cover a wide range.
Happy traveling!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

Hi, Paul. Regarding a possible poll about “what is ‘camping’ to you?”, we just ran this poll on Saturday: “When staying in a luxury RV in a full hookup RV resort, are you camping?” There have been 132 comments regarding that poll so far where readers explain what they regard as “camping.” I think that covers the topic for awhile. But thanks for the suggestion. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

Bob Weinfurt
7 months ago

Done without it that long many times while boondocking. That’s the time to relax and enjoy nature.

Brian Burry
7 months ago

Social Media use has diminished for many, too much insensitive acrimony has caused a lot of us to withdraw from it completely. I removed myself over ten years now and am free and more happy. Yes I miss some things, but my overall happiness with being free has been my best choice. Try it, you owe yourself a true sense of individual freedom!

The Lazy Q
7 months ago

Give me my fire, camp rocking chair and a good book any day.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

I have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Until a former college teammate died a year ago from the virus I posted on Facebook almost daily, regularly (daily?) read things Facebook friends posted on Instagram, but rarely used my Twitter account. I missed posting for about a week while I traveled to and from the funeral, but have yet to return. The longer I’ve been away from Facebook and Instagram, the easier it is to stay away. So, I voted that I have no need for social media. Distant relatives have asked me to return, especially to Facebook, so they can more easily keep up with me. That gives me some incentive to return, but so far not enough to actually do it. 🙂

7 months ago

I don’t use social media. While camping, I would rather go someplace that didn’t have cell service. That way the mother-in-law would call every day and ask when we were coming home, what we were doing, or where we were. She is one reason we go out of state for vacation. When we visit an attraction, the phones are turned off.

Bob Palin
7 months ago

I enjoy my social media experience, most of my interaction with friends is done there, friends are all over the world (yes, even ‘real’ friends). There’s certainly a lot of junk but it’s easy to learn to ignore it. I bought a Starlink system so that I can be online anywhere (eventually).

p.s. I’m 66 not 16…

Last edited 7 months ago by Bob Palin
7 months ago

When traveling in parts of Alaska we had no connections. Was quite calm and relaxing.
Re: Ray – Where do you find “Honest Media”?

7 months ago

Honest media I want. Social media is filled with misconceptions and for the birds. Too bad people can’t separate the two.

Bob Palin
7 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Social media is filled with my friends, I ignore the rest.

Donald N Wright
7 months ago

That’s part of my vacation. No F B !

7 months ago

We try, when we are on a trip, to ignore all media. We never turn on the TV, we don’t buy newspapers, and do our best to ignore anything that pops up on our devices. Reading email is the hardest because we have to monitor email and texts due to aging parents.

7 months ago

Since I’ve never been on any social media that was an easy answer. I would rather be around a campfire than a dumpster fire called social media.

7 months ago
Reply to  Crowman


7 months ago
Reply to  Crowman

Isn’t this comment section social media?
I don’t do fakebook, instagram, or twitter.
I do however frequent college sports forums, car forums, and RV forums.
Is that “social media”?

7 months ago

It would be easier for me than the wife

Lisa Adcox
7 months ago

Went without it for 5 months when in Gunnison,CO. No WiFi, no phone service. Did not matter who carrier was.

Wayne Braxton
7 months ago

Social media has degraded human interaction to a measurable and obvious degree. I understand the concept of keeping in touch with family but what has happened to family get togethers? Oh yes. At those gatherings, when they happen, everyone is on social media!

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