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Do you use your RV mostly to camp, travel or live?

RVers do not, as we all know, come in one shape or size, physically or in how they use their recreational vehicles. For some, it’s home sweet home, the only home they have or at least a seasonal “home away from home.” For others, it’s a comfortable way to explore their region or country without staying in hotels or motels.

For others, it’s about getting into nature, away from the crowds. There, they can sit by the campfire in the evening or marvel at the stars above on a dark, cloudless night. It’s about escaping the routine of their daily life, maybe roughing it to some degree.

So what type are you? Here, again, our definitions:

Camper: Someone who wants to get away from it all. Enjoy the outdoors. Maybe hike, fish or sit along a babbling brook and simply relax with a good book. They leave the world behind to a large degree to enjoy nature, solitude and outdoor adventures like hiking or fishing.

Traveler: This person takes their RV to one place after another, often traveling backroads, stopping to enjoy attractions along the way — museums, national parks, famous monuments or roadside attractions or even attend RV rallies. They may stop to fish along the way, or kayak a whitewater river. But, mostly, they are travelers who need to move. Their feet get itchy after a few days in one place.

RV living: These people essentially live in their RVs, full-time or a large part of the year. They may go south in the winter, staying in one or two places for months on end, using their car or tow vehicle to explore. They may work camp, staying with one job for months at a time. They don’t pretend to be “campers” any more than someone who stays in hotels, rental cottages or condos. Many sold their homes to live full-time in their RV. Others live seasonally: years ago, before comfortable RVs, they might have bought a second home for their getaway residence.

So what type best describes you? Please leave a comment.


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3 years ago

I chose “living in it”. However, I could have chose “travel” as every year during mid May, we “travel” from our home in Sou California to Newport Oregon where we own a lot at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort and we “live” in our 44′ Tiffin Phaeton until mid October when we “travel” back to our home.

3 years ago

Camper! But I like the idea that if I were ever to lose my home for some reason,I have a back up accommodation. I

3 years ago

We are all three. 42′ of “Living” but enjoy solitude, fishing and hiking. We enjoy museums and weird places to explore. We can stay in one place for a month or two depending on what there is we like about the place and the impending weather. We sold our home so we are full timers for now. If we ever get bored or can’t do this Tahiti might be a good place to settle down.

Bob Weinfurt
3 years ago

For me it’s about 50/50 travel and camping

3 years ago

We’re Sunbirds. Our home is in south Florida but we travel in our RV for, usually, 2-4 months each summer. Our preference is to travel to locations where we can stay for a week to a month in each spot, then move on to the next area. It gives us a good chance to explore areas and a wonderful way to decide if we want to return for another visit a different year.

Vanessa Simmons
3 years ago

Camp travel

Tom H.
3 years ago

I checked camp, because before retiring last year that’s what we mostly did. Now we do all three about equally. Still own our home, but enjoying a lot more time in our 5th wheel. Loving every minute!

3 years ago

This as is with all polls is that the information is always skewed. Never enough information provided. in reading the comments is I picked this, but…..

David Allen
3 years ago

You really need to expand the definition on RV-Living. Those that travel year round, snowbird, and extend stay but move on, are NOT the same as those that live in one place for ever. The latter are more like mobile home livers, in that the rig is a permanent home that happens to have been made for travel. I am not talking about those that live 24/7 in an RV and travel all over. But seriously, a park model with home heat pump/AC unit, attached garage, sunrooms, full grown trees, and tires that would not make a 5 mile ride are not RV’ing. Just because I have an old bicycle in my garage does not make me a cyclist. It frustrates me to hear people say “I am a full time RV’er” and find they have not moved their rig in 15 years.

3 years ago
Reply to  David Allen

Nobody said it better David.

Tony King
3 years ago

Our Class A is for Camping and our Class B is for Traveling. Works perfect !

3 years ago

I have two fifth wheel campers. A toy hauler and a conventional one. We spend about six months of the year in the two campers and six months at home. We do a combination of all three.

3 years ago

My father passed away two years ago, the wife and I took care of him since he was overcome with dementia. We lived and shared the family home and could not sustain the cost it generated to stay in it( dad left no will and in the state of ******fornia we had to leave it behind.)
So we decided to buy a motorhome and strike out to see our great country and live in it and stay where the wind blew us. Three breakdowns and final engine failure left the motorhome in Washington to be used by disabled veterans, we headed back to ******fornia for our yearly jobs as Santa and Mrs. Claus. (We stay with a friend while there) she had a 5th wheel she no longer wants so we bought it and are readying it to hit the road again ASAP! Do we plan to live in it? You bet and will return to our job making children of all ages laugh again in November.
See you on the road…

Kaeleen Buckingham
3 years ago

This one was tough to answer as we both camp and travel and both about equally.

3 years ago

I have 2 rvs (and have had 2 since 2014). The 40′ 5th wheel is in an annual site and is “home” – when I’m there. The 21′ 5th wheel (and an Aframe before that) is used for all camping AND travel – over half time during the past couple of years.

3 years ago

We lived in our coach for over 14+ years. Now we own a winter home in Florida where we park the coach under the house for the 6 months we spend there and I use it for my man cave. Once late April early May comes around we head north to get away from the hot humid weather for the next 6 months.

3 years ago

We have a home in Canada but use the 36′ Class A Motor home (with a toad) to travel for 5 months as a snowbird (3 weeks to travel then 1 or 2 locations for the remainder). This year we stayed in Florida but that may change from winter to winter. Then summer camp in Canada during the week when campgrounds aren’t busy (weekends are booked up for families) and take the grandsons with us when they want to join us.

Bob p
3 years ago

We’ve used our motor home the last 2 years to stay at one resort for 6months at a time, but we’ve decided that isn’t such a good thing as we become bored with the area after a couple of months. We decided that from now on we will make reservations for numerous resorts for a month at a time.

3 years ago

Needs a blend of answers.

Thelma Thomas
3 years ago

According to the survey definitions 2 answers define us. (I answered that we live in it). We live in our RV for 4 months as snowbirds and travel and explore periodically in it from our home base in the north the rest of the year. Either way we get out and about and enjoy it.

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