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How dramatically is the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacting your life?

It’s a difficult time for many people. The coronavirus and COVID-19 have not only made people sick, and even caused some to die, it has turned our economy upside down. It’s been a mixed bag in the RV world — many RV parks have had to close (some have reopened, but for how long?) and yet RV sales have picked up dramatically.

How about you? Have you been dramatically affected in a negative way because of the huge way the pandemic has forced society to change? Or has your life gone on pretty much as it had before the virus showed up?

Please take a moment to respond, and then see how other RVers have responded.

How dramatically is the pandemic negatively impacting your life?

It may take a moment for the poll to show up, so stand by.

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2 years ago

Past all of the differing views on this Virus, we do know two things:

  1. Behavior has a direct effect on the spread and unfortunate death rate. (We lost my brother March 21st)
  2. Indoor Air circulation could remove much of the other infectious viruses. (HVAC using HEPA), but companies are saying its too expensive.

Everyone stay safe until this is all just a distant memory!

Jay Gartner
2 years ago

Its early July . I haven’t bought gasoline for my van since late January. That should tell you where I’ve been — nowhere.

Statia Dougherty
2 years ago

Yes,, I had to cancel my annual road trip, I can’t see my friends, I have to wear a face mask when I buy groceries. Wah! Wah! Wah! Everyone has been negatively affected, however, if we all just get on board with face masks and staying home, the country will recover and we can get back to life as usual. So tired of arguing with people I used to call friends about wearing a mask. It’s a small sacrifice. And they ARE effective contrary to some people’s beliefs. I guess they know more than the WHO and CDC, and doctors and scientists. I live in an area that attracts a lot of tourists, and I cannot believe how people are flocking here more than ever. STAY HOME!

Mitzi Agnew Giles
2 years ago

DH and I have cardiac issues. I can’t tolerate summer heat and humidity, and that is why I bought my rv. I enjoy the outdoors, and don’t want to be a prisoner in my house, held hostage by needing to be in the a/c. We’ve gone away for a month every summer and I was angling for 2-3 this year. Since we have to stay home, I ordered a cooling vest off Amazon so I can do a little yard work in the forenoons. I miss my children and grandchildren.We have lots of fun when we get together. Won’t be doing that until its a LOT safer.

2 years ago

The biggest impact is not being able to see my husband who is in memory care. It has been 116 days since I was able to see him other than through a window. Our 49th anniversary was in May – the first one we did not spend together. I am figuring it will be sometime fall before we are allowed in to visit – just hope he lives that long.

The other negative is my 50 year class reunion will be postponed to a 51st year. 🙁

Last edited 2 years ago by rvgrandma
Mike Albert
2 years ago

Knowing five people that have passed from COVID-19, and eight others that have had various degrees of the virus. Our granddaughter might have had it (she was symptomatic) but not tested due to her age, 14 months at that time.
Does that qualify for being negatively impacted?
How about not being able to go back north to our summer home locations (PA and VA). Does this qualify?
Forget about not being able to socialize with some of our neighbors, what about shopping and going out to restaurants and movies?
But on the bright side, we still have our health and do go boating, and have gone RVing. Being in SW Florida offers plenty of parks and beaches where Social Distancing is still possible. However, people of all ages here don’t believe that the virus is real and overkill by the media. ( Look at pictures of weekends at the public beaches).
The facts are in the numbers of New cases this past two weeks.
So to answer the question, YES, we have been negatively impacted.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Albert
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

My ex daughter-in-law, 2 grandkids and her parents all had the virus. The adults all have compromised immune systems but were able to beat and recover with no apparent lasting effects from the virus.

2 years ago

I know of no one that has contracted the virus, sick or died. That is the tragedy of all of this. I had been laid up for a year before this has hit, so I really have not been affected much, except for cancelled doctors appts. I am glad that I am not young with young kids. A couple across the street from us has a daughter that is going into first grade. Right now they have to decide, in our county, if they are going to send her to school, use the virtual school, or do the home schooling. It is these parents and youngsters that I feel for. And aside from the fact that the father’s business has almost stopped.

Ano Prop
2 years ago

I would say that a more accurate question would be “How dramatically has the response to this virus affected your life?” The reality remains that the numbers of people DIRECTLY impacted from illness or death related to COVID-19 remains low as compared to the numbers of people who have had their lives turned completely inside out as a result of the response. Completely anecdotally, most of the comments here are related to plans and lifestyle, not health and welfare.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

We live on a farm in central Virginia. When we are not on the road, we don’t go out much; there is plenty to do at home. So to that extent, the virus hasn’t affected us as much as some folks. The biggest effect has been that we won’t be taking our usual summer trip to New England — instead I will be using that money for some expensive dental work (is that good luck or bad?).

Diane M
2 years ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

We are lucky to be in a similar situation.

Jim Knoch
2 years ago

Down here in SE Louisiana, we were kept from camping with all the campgrounds closed, so we missed the entire spring camping season. Now it is too hot to camp until at least Fall (I can stay home to suck up air conditioning). I also perform with a local group of musicians and likewise, we’ve been shut down practicing social distancing instead of music since mid-March. I’ve tried online jamming, but latency problems makes it almost impossible to play as a group and everyone doesn’t have digital recording equipment, so downloading something and adding a track isn’t possible either. I’ll sure be glad when things return to normal or at least close to it! Good fodder for another “Good Old Days” story!

Seann Fox
2 years ago

The only negative thing about this is I won’t be camping this summer

Linnie Lou
2 years ago

I work at a Hospital and they are getting ready for the second wave to hit in November 2020. I myself will not be unprepared like in March. I have been slowly stocking up on can goods, flour, sugar, meat, paper products, cleaning items. People today do not want to take this seriously and until someone you love dies it’s to late. Think about what you doing to yourself and others around by not wearing a mask! LET BE SAFE AMERICA AND WEAR A MASK! P.S. Now there is a coin shortage?

Ron L
2 years ago

Living in the Southern California’s Mojave desert, it can get pretty hot during the summer months; however, the rest of the year is perfect. When we retired, we decided that we would find a substitute summer location, which we did on the Oregon Coast. Since 2008 we have taken our motorhome north in mid May and stayed at our purchased lot at an motorhome resort in Newport Oregon and then once the temps at home dipped below the 90’s, we’d come back home. The Virus interrupted this yearly venture and we have decided that in order to comply with state mandates and recommendations, we would just stay home this year. The AC runs almost 24/7, but we are relatively comfortable and are staying healthy. So yes, the virus has impacted our lifestyle, but we have adjusted and will (hopefully) visit our resort next year.

2 years ago

So we missed a 13 state vacation this spring with two HS graduations in the middle of it all. Yeah we were bummed about the cancellation of the trip and both graduations, but our bank account still has the cash we would have spent so we are planning other trips later in the fall to make a difference. All is not lost. we will persevere.

2 years ago

Have camped 3 times already with 3 more planned. All in northern Michigan. Planning on a 7 week trip to AZ from MI in late January through March and hoping we will be able to go.

Ron T
2 years ago

I had been planning to cut back my all consuming volunteer efforts at a local museum. The pandemic has allowed me a test run of what that is like and I’m loving having more time to work around the house and work on all those projects I’d said I’d get to in retirement. I’m still volunteering at the museum now that it has re-opened, but I’ve already dropped one hat and plan to drop a couple more at the end of the year.

Chuck B
2 years ago

Hanging out at home and doing all those items on the todo list around the house and yard. So busy I don’t have a lot of time to worry about how much the Covid virus has affected us. Other than the few times we have to go out for grocery’s, etc. Then it gets a little scary. Chuck

2 years ago

Just staying at home, enjoying the wildlife. 52 at night, 95 day time.
Baby Fawns are showing up, one DOE is ready to pop with 2 or 3 baby’s.
We miss driving around, eating out and garage sales.
Having our own land is a plus. Keeps us out of the main stream traffic.
Seen restaurants that are elbow to elbow. Not worth the Risk.
Once a month we get some hot food to go from the grocery store and park along the river watching the ducks paddle by, or visit the lake shore.
Keeping our distance from others..

2 years ago

Other than no RV trips, all cancelled, we are staying near home. Getting lots of “Honey Does” done.

Ed K
2 years ago

We are retired and other than going Grocery shopping every 3-4 weeks instead of once a week and no church services, there has been little impact.

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