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Meet your fellow RVtravel.com readers, November 28, 2020

We asked RVtravel.com readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses.

NOTE FROM EDITOR CHUCK: I want to let you know that I love meeting those of you who tell us about yourself. My staff and I write our articles and the words go off into cyberspace, and we don’t know exactly where they land. But then I look here and I see your faces and read your stories. I am so happy to meet you!

Hi, we are Randy and Brad Jacobs-Mulholland. Travel has always been a big part of our lives, booking a flight any time we could get away from work for a few days or visiting an area lake in our travel trailer. Rush, rush, rush to do/see as much as possible before the demands of work intervened.
A short time before we retired, my father-in-law invited us to follow them as they began their winter trek to warm weather. We did and what an eye-opener! We traveled an average of 3 hours a day at 55 mph! About a week into the trip we started to “get it” – relax and enjoy the journey, the sites, the people, the food, etc., on your way to your destination! We discovered amazing things in our great country that we had previously flown over.
Shortly after we retired, our daughter finished college so we moved her into our house, bought a motorhome, and traveled full time for 4 years. Then, parent health concerns required us to be closer to home so we left full-timing and now travel part-time but will be on the road for extended trips again in the future.
Thank you for the RV Travel newsletter! It helps us feel connected to the RVing world we love.

We’re Gary & Donna Broughton of Tennessee. We grew up and Illinois and I retired from Fire Dept in ’96. Donna was just tired.
We’ve been married for 46 years and camped since then. Been to Alaska 4 times and traveled all over. Worked in Jackson Hole campground for 17 summers and wintered mostly in Arizona. We’ve now settled in Tennessee, close to the kid and his family, but still camp. With our back problems and other aches and pains we’re in a house now but still travel. This year went back to Jackson Hole for a visit and this winter will travel to Florida for a visit. You can always go home if you’re tired.

From Linda Smith. Our experience is totally different than most RVers. Neither my husband nor myself were from camping backgrounds. We bought a second home in Florida and had a dog who couldn’t ride in a car without crying for the entire trip each time. One day, on the way to visit our son in New Orleans, we stopped at an RV dealer and bought our first used class A, hoping our dog would be happier traveling in it. That was the start of the adventure. A week later we were on our way, driving through Atlanta and going to DC to visit our daughter. Since then, our dog is no longer with us, replaced by other furry babies, but we continue to travel and enjoy the RV life. We have taken three long trips, two out west and one to Nova Scotia, and continue to travel about 5 months a year in the RV. Some of our best memories are places we have stayed, met the locals and enjoyed their little towns. We will continue to RV until we no longer can – hopefully that will be a long time in the future. We have to thank our dog for starting us on an adventure we could never have imagined!

From Brian and Debbie Richards. Good day all! We read these articles daily and love them. We’re both retired, although I do part-time work. We got into camping with a travel trailer, a 171 RBXL, 3 years ago. Just upgraded to a ’21 263BHXL cause we needed more bed space for the younger tagalongs when we go out. Mostly we camp around North Central Florida but have been to Gatlinburg, TN, and the Smoky Mountains the last 3 years during the summer months. We only can get out around 4-5 trips a year but we enjoy every minute we can.

From Sandra Johnson. Thomas and I have been living full-time in our 2019 Keystone 28-foot Travel Trailer since January 2020. Needless to say, it’s been quite an adventure. We so enjoy the newsletter because it’s given us so many pointers on how to live successfully in our RV. The goal was to travel and share the Good News of the Gospel with our ministry, T&S Ministries, but Covid-19 changed our plans. We are stationary now as we live and minister in Waxahachie, Texas, a quaint town just 30 miles south of Dallas. Some day soon we hope to take to the roads to do all that God has called us to do!

From Cinderella and David Sanders. We have been married for 54 years and always loved camping. Growing up we camped with our family in tents. Our first camping unit was a cap on a pickup truck. Nothing fancy but it worked for us. Then we inherited his parent’s travel trailer. So exciting. Through the years we had others and finally went to 5th wheels. We mostly camped on weekends and vacations with our 2 boys and furbabies. After 45 years of working, we retired and had time to explore our beautiful country. We have been to most of the east coast and as far west as Nevada. We were going to explore the national parks in Colorado, Montana and the Dakotas this year but now maybe 2022. Living our dreams.

Meet our readers from last week’s issue.

We’ll introduce you to more RVtravel.com readers next week!

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Love “meeting our readers”.

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Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

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