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RV Review: A place to relax in the 2022 Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EBS

Today our review is looking at the Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EBS. For as many Cedar Creek fifth wheels as I sold, I’m surprised I haven’t written more reviews of them. These large fifth wheels really are unusual in a number of ways. This one, in particular, has some nifty features that bear examination. 

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek, a part of the Forest River family, is a maker of higher-end fifth wheels. These large 5ers are really well-suited for full-time living—and that’s exactly who we sold them to. While that was the case before this happened, the Cedar Creek fifth wheels became especially popular at our dealership after fire ravaged the area and took out a lot of homes. 

Dmand-based circumstances were a strong driver of sales for them. But, really, these big fifth wheels are well-suited as either home replacements or vacation homes. 

Witness things like three heaters in this unit. There’s a central furnace, an electric space-heating fireplace, and then a third “Cadet” heater upstairs in the bedroom. 

Upstairs in the Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EBS

In fact, the best place to start with this unit is upstairs. Typically the upstairs portion of any fifth wheel is something I almost gloss over only because many of them are very much the same. There’s a bed in a slide, a closet along the front, and prep for a washer-dryer with a spacious bathroom that holds a shower which includes some sort of place to sit. 

This is quite different. So up in the bedroom in the glow of the front windshield is a full-width day bed that’s big enough to actually be a bed bed. But it’s also a good place to sit and put on shoes or, perhaps, where someone sits to just get away from it all. 

Er, uh, I mean it’s a place to sit that’s a nice place to get away if the folks downstairs are talking politics on Thanksgiving and whatever they’re saying is just too stupid to bother weighing in on. So this bedroom really is a place to spend time other than sleeping. 

King-size bed

The bed itself, which is on the camp side in a slide, is of the king-size variety. There are both 120vac and USB outlets on both sides. There are also little shelves that are enough out of the way that they’re not going to be a bother. But they can hold your smartphone or a CPAP or whatnot. 

Across from the bed is a slide that is rather large. It includes a dresser and wardrobe along with a window. 

But there’s also a vanity up here where you could sit and daydream about RV reviews on RV Travel. Or you could also use it as a makeup place or even a small office space. In fact, being in a separate room upstairs, this would be a great place to come and get some work done while the folks downstairs are making noise. 

Great space upstairs in the Champagne Edition 38EBS

While this unit doesn’t feature bunks, it does offer this whole upstairs space that truly would be a place to come and hang out. This might be the right rig if you’re bringing along younger grandchildren who have to watch that same video. Again. And Again. And Again. 

The bathroom is your traditional fifth wheel bathroom in many ways. It offers the benefits you would expect in a rig of this size, including two sinks in the lavatory. There’s a good enough amount of floor space that you could actually do more than just change your mind in here. 

The odd thing that I noticed, though, is that there are metal shelves in the shower which are a good place to put things like shampoo (I remember using that stuff…) or that sort of thing. There’s also a rail along the wall that’s sort of where you could put your leg if you’re shaving it, but it doesn’t appear to be a good seat. It, too, is metal. That seems like an odd choice for something in this environment, honestly. 

There is a control in the bathroom upstairs to operate the tankless water heater. So you can dial in the temperature you like and, as long as you have propane and water, you’re getting a hot shower. 

The main event

Cedar Creek’s rigs come in two flavors: original and Champagne. This being the latter, it makes sense that the company has provided a wine chiller here… or would that be a champagne chiller? And could I put beer in here instead? 

On the subject of keeping one’s cool, the refrigeration in this is an LG residential fridge. That uses a 1,000-watt inverter to keep it going when there’s no shore power. Although I doubt a rig like this will see any boondocking. But who knows? 

Since we also make good appliances here in the U.S., it’s a shame we’re stuck with this brand—for which I have zero respect, quite honestly. 

The rest of the kitchen is all good stuff. There’s a huge residential-sized oven and a four-burner propane stove, along with a residential-sized microwave. There’s space for a dishwasher in the island and good cabinet space all around. That includes some clever storage in the pantry where there’s a plug. You can leave things like your coffee pot plugged in even though it’s tucked away in the pantry when not in use. 

Otherwise, the downstairs is as expected with high-quality furniture and theater seats opposite a fireplace and large TV. 

Other unique features

One of the more clever features outside is the fact that Cedar Creek has what is called an Accessibelly. That means the panels that enclose the heated underbelly are removable in segments. Trust me, this is a great thing. If you have to chase down a plumbing or leveling system leak or just need to get in here, you’re not spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars of a technician’s time just to remove or butcher the plastic underbelly material. This was always a fight with every large fifth wheel company when I was doing warranties because we had several hundred dollars of just technician time to cover before actually effecting any repair.

Like many higher-end RVs nowadays, this has a central control system you can operate with a smartphone. But this one also has individual light switches and such throughout the rig, which can also dim the lighting. I like when we’re given a choice. I would be the dork to whips out a cell phone to turn off a light, and my wife would be looking for a switch.

This also features an optional outdoor kitchen where there’s a fridge, TV and griddle on a pull-out slide. I wonder how often this would see use. If it were my fifth wheel, the answer to that would be all the freaking time.

In summary

I know I missed the whole boondocking and travel access section here but, honestly, I don’t see this being a rig that sees a lot of road time. At more than seven tons dry weight, this is something that might get towed to an RV park or other semi-permanent location and just stays there. Sure, there are folks who are going to drag this all over the place, but I doubt that they’re the majority. 

However, there is 190 watts of solar on the roof and a 1,000-watt inverter to power the fridge. Both of those might really be ideal keeping the batteries in check while the unit is being stored. 

I did appreciate that Cedar Creek did have the tires, suspension and chassis that were are capable of sustaining this heavy of a rig. We did drag a few into places that were nail biters going in. 

Quite livable floor plan in the Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EBS

Overall, this would be a quite livable floor plan with a place upstairs to get away from the place downstairs. Because sometimes getting away from it all includes getting away from the others you brought with you who are also getting away from it all. 

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a lifelong RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

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Buttons and App control
Upstairs bedroom space
Metal shelves in shower


The Cedar Creek Champagne edition 38EBS is a big fifth wheel with a really nifty upstairs space to get away along with a good floor plan and some solid features.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. I’d love a window in my bedroom. I’d wonder what the fuel milage is pulling these large 5th wheels. In north east Pa gas is over $4. a gallon and Diesel is over 5.

  2. Yep, too long and heavy for such a pitifully small fresh water tank. We have nearly that much water in a Class C a little more than half that length. And our motorhome was designed for boondocking with more solar panels than that fifth wheel has and lithium batteries, 2000w inverter, 3600w generator, and the same Truma tankless wh.

    Who needs a front windshield in a $100K+ trailer? Many of us sleep in a completely darkened bedroom. Skylights and windshields have no place in a bedroom. Save them for fifth wheels with a front living room or kitchen!

    Aren’t Cedar Creeks still made with wood stud walls and bonded-on fiberglass exterior panels? Is that why they are so heavy?

  3. I wonder if the pitiful size of the fresh water tank is an attempt to keep traveling weight down. But like you said, this trailer probably won’t see too much boondocking time. And, I’m always a bit concerned when I see this much stuff (the whole collection of kitchen appliances) on one slide. That’s a lot of weight.

    Did they say it was towable with a ½ ton? Relax, that’s a joke – I hope.

  4. I love the bathroom in this 5er! But why do manufacturers continue to put carpet on the slide under the dining room table?? Any drink or plate of food getting knocked off the table and you’ve got a real mess! My personal opinion….there should not be any carpet in any RV.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I should have mentioned this – it’s surprising to see carpeting in slide rooms. I prefer that marine-grade flexible flooring material only because it’s so easy to clean but also serves the purpose of being flexible to hide the slide room gap.


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The Cedar Creek Champagne edition 38EBS is a big fifth wheel with a really nifty upstairs space to get away along with a good floor plan and some solid features. RV Review: A place to relax in the 2022 Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EBS

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