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Encore RV RöG 16RB—An unusual overlanding trailer

After seeing as many RVs as I’ve seen, it’s relatively simple for me to categorize new offerings and, often, even see unusual use cases for things. But the 2024 Encore RV RöG 16RB is tough to pigeonhole. 

Well, it is an overlanding RV to be sure, but not much like anything I’ve seen before. 

Encore RV

Encore RV is a relatively newcomer in the space and is an independent RV manufacturer. It was founded in 2020 by Rich Schnippel, who has been involved in the RV and motorsports trailer industry since 2000, and since 2010 with inTech RV.

Those roots at inTech show in how this is built (see my review of the inTech Terra Oasis here). This trailer is completely constructed of metal with absolutely no wood in the build whatsoever. 

While I’ve seen claims of wood-free builds in the past, oftentimes you’ll go inside and see wooden cabinetry. Not here. 

The cabinets, the frame for all the counters and other structures, and pretty much everything you’ll see and touch are aluminum. Much of the surfaces are either powder coated or anodized, but this is not a trailer that’s likely to rot. 

There are a few surfaces that are covered with carpeting, but know that beneath that fuzzy delight, yep. More aluminum. 

And, for you Brits, aluminium. Not sure where you get that extra “I”—but you do you. 

Use case

I think the most obvious use case for this towable Encore RöG is within the overlanding set. There is a hatchback at the back that’s about half the height of the rear wall. You can flip this up and gain access to a large, flat storage area. 

This includes the top of a permanent bed, but it would work well for things like kayaks and paddleboards. There’s even a removable mount at the forward end of the interior of this rig that lets you tie these things down so they don’t become large missiles in a sudden stop. 

There’s also an optional rack over the roof of this rig that would be a great place for heavier stuff, assuming you can get it up there. But this might also be the ideal place for a rooftop tent, too. This could significantly increase your sleeping space, if that’s what suits you. 

Sleeping space in the Encore RV RöG 16RB

Essentially this trailer is almost a large bedroom with a true queen-sized bed consuming about two-thirds of the interior at the back. 

Large windows flank the bed on either side. There are three cabinets, metal ones, over the back of the bed, along with cubbies on either side of the bed with bungees. There’s a decent amount of storage in here. 

That bed is reportedly surprisingly comfortable and would be easy enough to make with one of these RVSuperbags. 

You can leave the aforementioned hatch open at the back on nicer days. There’s a screen that pulls down over the space to keep you and the annoying flying nuisances away from one another. 

Airflow with windows and fans

You could also open those four large windows on the sides of this trailer. If airflow is what you’re after, there’s a high-performance fan over the bed. I really like this idea, and this particular model can operate in either intake or exhaust mode. 

Another of those fans is over the front space, which is sort of an unusual spot. 

Front space

There is a dinette in here at the foot of the bed that features a Lagun table and that table top is—you guessed it—aluminum. In this case, it’s a hammered surface. Nice. 

This space also has a 4.5-cubic-foot 12-volt DC refrigerator with a freezer. There are three larger drawers and the mechanical—click—sound of their latches just evokes a satisfying feel. 

Above the drawers is an open space where you could put something like a portable ice maker or coffee maker. Something like that. 

Below the drawers is a larger cabinet that’s just the right size for a portable toilet. If you wanted one. 

What’s not in the Encore RV RöG 16RB

Note that there is no toilet here. And no shower. There’s also no sink inside the trailer either. This might make some of you very happy and others not so joyous. As mentioned, you can put a portable toilet like the one I reviewed in the cabinet here and, perhaps, use it inside the trailer or just get a portable toilet tent and take it outside. 

It would work fine in here, though, because remember the two high-performance vent fans? Those might be the Fiesta Friday fume freer if the potty’s inside. 

The interior is really well made, but rather stark. So for those looking for a splash of color, perhaps something like the peel-and-stick Spoonflower wallpaper would suffice. 

Bring on the sink

I had mentioned the upper hatch door at the back, but there’s also a lower hatch. Behind that hatch is a large outdoor kitchen. That kitchen consists of a two-burner propane stove, a sink, and even a small 12-volt refrigerator. It’s pretty slick and, of course, there are cabinets here made of aluminum. 

Above this kitchen is an awning. There’s a second awning on the camp side of this trailer, giving you a decent amount of shade. 

The propane hookup actually has two connectors with one being for the stove, but the second could work for one of those portable outdoor showers. 

Now, you could use the portable toilet tent I mentioned above for said outdoor shower, or just scare the bear. It’s up to you and your comfort level with nature and showing off your own natural equipment. 

Specs for the Encore RöG 16RB

A few more things

There is good pass-through storage at the back under the bed and ahead of the kitchen. 

The interior of the trailer also features a number of places to secure cargo, and you could put a couple of eBikes in the front space ahead of the bed. 

There’s also an unusual series of switches inside the trailer which control a power port on each corner of the rig. I suppose you could put lights or portable fans or really whatever you can find that’s powered by 12 volts. Heck, if you wanted one of those large wiggly man blowup things like they have at car dealers, perhaps that’s what you bring camping. 

I don’t judge. 

My thoughts

A lot of adventure trailers or overlanding rigs are really square teardrops, whereas this one has a full 6’1” of interior height. There is a good amount of storage inside, both in those nifty metal cabinets and in the interior in general. 

You can add that beefy roof rack system as an option, too, to bring even more stuff, or a rooftop tent like this one that I reviewed. 

This is not a trailer for the mainstream, but it doesn’t try to be that, either. It is well-made using high-quality materials and I’d like to see more towable RVs built this way. But I can also recognize that many RVers want that more home-like feel. 

Is this something that you might enjoy camping in? There are levels of functionality that do appeal to me about this idea, though I also have to admit I like the idea of overlanding and boondocking. 

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Tony Barthel
Tony Barthel
Tony worked at an RV dealership handling sales and warranty issues before deciding he wanted to review RVs and RV-related products. He also publishing a weekly RV podcast with his wife, Peggy, which you can find at


  1. Thank you, Tony! Yes, really unusual trailer. I have a friend wanting to RV off-grid amd to fish. I’ll check the MSRP and forward it to him if the price is low enough.

  2. Very impressive, Tony! I love the durability of the all “aluminium” construction, the space utilization, the twin 12v fans, and the push-out, frameless windows. But I have several problems with the ROG. First, if that ceiling is only 6’1″, I would need to wear a bike helmet to bed because I would hit either the AC unit or the sharp corner of those “no-wood” cabinets every time I got up. Second, why does it have a 120v AC unit if this is supposed to be an overlander? For that price, it should have a 12v AC unit and lithium batteries. Third, I am a fly fisherman and former water resource engineer. Any RV without a gray tank violates our state law that makes dumping any wastewater on the ground illegal. Fourth, I don’t like dirt-covered solid steps being inside, inches from my fridge and microwave. So, I wouldn’t buy this trailer when I could get a truck camper that has none of those problems.


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