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Harry salit

Many Elk Lodges do not have campgrounds but the ones that do often are in a city and very handy for visiting friends.
There are also campground directories available for for various regions, very handy.
During a 6 month trip we may stay over 25 nites in their lodges.

Pete Linn

Enjoyed seeing the link to join FMCA but I must ask, has the membership agreed to allow owners of non motor homes, like us lowly travel trailer types, to join the organization? My wife and I were at the recent FMCA rally in Phoenix with my inlaws with their 40′ motorhome and we liked what we saw. Thanks for the great newsletter and I really like your posts, even with the nay-sayers and negative comments nipping at your heels. Pete


One of your quick tips recommended using lumber for firewood. I just wanted to point out that most lumber is treated with toxic chemicals. I would never use lumber for a campfire because of the possibility of breathing in the residue of these burning chemicals, and forcing your neighboring campers to do so as well. Bad tip!!!


With regard to the cheap firewood tip, a few years ago the company I worked for built a small storage building on the property. The mill ends left over were burned in a burn barrel, and we were fined $10,000 by the Air Resources Control Board. for burning processed lumber. Check with California law before using mill ends for firewood.


Here’s another option for layover Here’s when traveling. You get to stay at wineries and farms. Cost is $50 a year – but what savings and opportunities.


Carol Guthrie

Active duty and retired veterans can use https://www.militarycampgrounds.us/. Some of the campground ‘all others’. Worth looking at.


There are always some purist and good for that–the reality is most fraternal organizations just like FMCA, a non fraternal, and that is that membership is in a tail spin decline and survival may have little patience with “purity”.


This past summer I became aware of the Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World (IBPOEW) while visiting New Orleans. See google for their description.

Ron Schmitz

I am glad there KOAs in a lot of places, but i would only use them for a night or 2 while traveling somewhere. They are ussually very clean, have laundry facilities, & have hook ups. Dump at your RV (its not a camp) site would be for people staying more than 3 nights, and ussually KOAs are too expensive for that. I would like to see more roadside RV parks with a central dump station instead of one at every site. Yes you would have to move to dump, but I would on my way out anyway, and you wouldn’t have the smell at your site.

William Johnson

I also considered joining the Elks just for the low cost sites. I decided not to because it didn’t seem right to join for that reason only.

William Johnson

Since you changed how the weekly quiz is handled, I have not be able to respond? I find the instructions to difficult to follow. What was wrong with the old way of responding?
I love the newsletter and wait with anticipation for it each week. Keep up the great work. Thank You

Don C

Elks lodges like the one in Wilcox AZ and many others like ours in Alamogordo NM also have sub organizations of what we call travelling Elks, We all have RVs and travel as a group or in groups to areas of interest. Lots of good fun and enjoyment for all You must be a Elk to stay at a Lodge RV park but while there you have full use of all the lodge facilities. Our park with 15 full hook up sites is used extensively and the visitors often comment about the good time they have had in our lodge and the excellent park at a very small cost.


Revelries and drinking matches, accompanied by campfires, shall be controlled, says the Canadian government. Keeping a lid on obnoxious partying is the goal, and to that end, several campgrounds in British Columbia’s Banff National Park have a ban on alcohol consumption and campfires from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., right on through March 31, 2018. Booze or burn, expect to get tossed out immediately, and possibly charged with a law violation.

Correction on this story, Banff National Park is in fact in Alberta, Canada and not British Columbia.

Tom Caro

In our town Levittown, NY the Elks do not have a Lodge they use the local VFW (just an FYI).

Dan Armstrong

The Elks organization is based on community service. It is truly improper to join a lodge just to be able to camp at other lodges. And just as improper to promote this behavior in a national publication. And for any lodge to accept a “member” just for camping. (Elk member for 12 years)