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M & M Kostenuk

I have a very strange request and have no idea how to advertise for this service. I am wondering where I can find a graffiti artist. We are going to strip down the decals on our 5th wheel and would love to have someone do a mural. nothing to large or over the top – something tasteful. We see graphics on trains and are quite sure that these are done on the down-low and they get no compensation for their work. We are willing to pay, within reason.


After leaving the Henry Ford museum I wondered when everyone went bigger. Meaning in the RV industry. I looked at the old style RVs and realize that one was the size we have and this famous couple lived in this 20 x 8 for the summer. As I looked at it I realized it was the same size as ours. How can anyone want to tow something much bigger then this when this size is fine with me. I mean maybe a 25 but nothing bigger. So I ask myself when did we get bigger? Was it when our weight bloomed? Who knows. All I know is I do not want anything bigger when i retire and have to live out of it or travel to new places. Mine has all the creature comforts I need. Go figure.

Kent Brown

I have a question for Mike. Why is it that whenever modify my 30 amp cable with a 3 prong plug adapter for use at a home with a GFI protected 15 amp or 20 amp outlet, it trips the GFI? I have to search for a plug that is not GFI protected which is often not available. Is there something I can do or something I can buy that will allow me to plug into a GFI protected outlet?

Steven Scheinin

I don’t think it was very responsible to ask RV’ers where they keep their valuables (or anyone to answer). You just saved a thief time in looking in the wrong places, and ideas where to look.


Re. Fuel prices …. Thanks Chuck and RV staff for posting California prices (thought we wouldn’t notice! …) Now all planning to visit will know how much to budget. (Just visited Hawaii and their prices aren’t much different than Ca….)

Bill Moran

I find your editorials very interesting each week, but this week’s more so. My wife and I joined the ranks of full timers last November when we sold our house and hit the road. A question that we get all the time is “where are you from”. Since we were both military brats and I spent over 30 years in the military, neither of us feel from anywhere. Our birth states are just that. I have started to answer the question with “we are from America “. Which always brings on a curious look and more questions. We enjoy our new life style and the adventures it brings. Thank you for rvtravel. I find it interesting and informative and I always recommend it to our old and new friends we meet as we travel. Hope to see you along our travels should our paths cross.

Elaine Ashton

Chuck … not exactly the correct place for my question but I can’t find any place more appropriate … many months ago you talked about these little “creatures” that are on our eyelashes/eyelids … I had to assume that they created a problem for your eyes. I’d like to know the symptoms and what was done to bring those little buggers under control as I’m pretty sure you can’t completely eliminate them. What advice can you give me?

Walter Kreppein

We spent 6 weeks in North Myrtle SC this winter and we were amazed by the size of the 5th wheels and Class A”s occupied by only 2 people. It appears that folks need everything they have at home and more to be comfortable.


Those people should have asked ‘how is your adventure going’ vs travels. When you do what you are doing, every day is a new adventure.

John Hiler

You’ve never said who pays your way as you vagabond around the country. It’s not cheap to do what you are doing. A few columns on affordability would certainly separate the haves from the have-nots in perspective.

Judy Reed

Don’t believe Glasgow moved to North Dakota but thanks for mentioning my state. Any free plug we can get is appreciated!


In response to survey: we have a lock box which is anchored to the floor under the bed.

jackie kieler

What if the unexpected happens? We recently were in an accident(would love to send you a picture) and our RV was totaled 1000 miles from home. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. What to do? Is this a topic that you have written about? If not I would like to share our story so others may be prepared in case the unexpected occurs.

Glen Scofield

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed your Saturday newsletter. Your even-handed advocacy for RVrs is welcome and appreciated. That’s why I was sad to see you characterize the Moab, Utah fee increase as “$300” in a headline. While that is accurate, a $15 raise to $20 per night is not exhorbitant, nor is it unusual. While I realize that RVrs are often cheap, any price that allows the state and national park managers to maintain their properties should be welcomed and not sensationalized.