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1 year ago

I’d never heard of RV Advisor before this issue of RV Travel. How long has it been around? Is it valuable? Seems I was just hearing about people not being willing to pay to belong to an advocacy group for RVers. Wouldn’t this be similar?

Tom Moeller
1 year ago

So reading your article about negativity if someone had a positive experience with camping world would you print it?I’m not a fan of them as I’m on my second Newmar purchased only from Newmar dealer.

1 year ago

Hi Chuck: Thanks for putting such an informative news item in front of your fans. Warts and all (good, bad and the ugly) there’s something for everyone, and no doubt everyone who contributes to it benefits in some way.
I have been a thorn in the side of RV manufacturers for many years, and have in that vein commented with great vigor about the tragedy of that industry. Not everyone wants to learn about those tragedies which make bigger billionaires out of millionaires and drive many RV’ers to financial hardship & destitution. But some do – & to their benefit, when making a purchase.
I never cease to wonder why an industry as mammoth as the RV manufacturing industry can get away with building such horrible product when their counterparts in automobile manufacturing, are constantly under intense scrutiny, both from the public and government agencies
I hope to live to see the day when A – consumers are better informed (and much smarter in their purchases) and B- there forms a serious regulatory body with teeth overseeing and seeking to rectify this horrible situation. Thanks for all you do for RV,ing.

Dan Kooienga
1 year ago

Lemonis loves the attention. The giant flags were a coverup for the ridiculous political statements he made. No pity here.

1 year ago

Had to chuckle at the “gas prices going lower” article. That may be true elsewhere, but we’re so smart and progressive here in California that our legislature upped the gas tax. We’re going up July 1st and I suspect we’ll be nearly $4/gallon. Gotta love my Socialist State of Kalifornia.