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phyllis anderson
1 year ago

i just use my smart phone for calling, some GPS and taking a FEW photos. do not use for reading large articles or ordering anything~~~do not order on line anyhow. Use computer at home for all other things. My phone is that ~~~A PHONE.

Richard Hubert
1 year ago

Re: Use of phones for reading email – I know the trend is apparently towards more use of Smartphones to do everything, but the convenience they offer is quickly offset by the small screen.

My Wife & I use our phones to check email, etc, and to even use Google Maps GPS directions, but that is not at all my preferred method of reading email – and it is definitely not my preferred method of responding to or writing emails. Phones are good because they can be accessed almost everywhere (where there is cell service) to quickly do some things. BUT – if I really need to know what is going on, ordering from Amazon, researching products, reading blogs, searching for specific sites, watching YouTube videos, and especially if I want to write something – I use one of my PCs.

In my RV I have an office setup with 2 PCs and 3 screens – because I am trading options as well as using my PCs for organizing all our travel photos, using Google maps to check out routes, using Allstays to find campsites, fuel stops, stores, LP gas sources, and dump sites. Then I use Google (again) Satellite and street views to determine access into/out of specific Walmarts, fuel stops, and campsites. I would go crazy trying to do all that on my phone – it is simply not the right tool. So while the trend has been towards smart phone use, it is only because of the accessibility and quick access they offer – not because they give you a good view of what is going on. I will continue to use both.

1 year ago

I read the newsletters on my laptop. I look forward to them every day! Keep ’em coming!

Rory R
1 year ago

I read the newsletter on both, actually 3 different type devices. I read on a PC, a tablet, and an Iphone. It all depends on where i am and what’s handy. So far I haven’t encountered any problems. Oh and as far as the trolls go, I see things I don’t agree with on many sites, and when I do comment I sometimes get a troll trying to get the best of me. Believe me they used to, until I realized that my getting upset was exactly what they wanted. A few months ago I started a new technique. I stop, take 10 deep breaths, then author a calm response, which usually frustrates the troll. They may shoot back one more response, but they usually go away.

1 year ago

Workamping article said it was not found. It would be interesting to read what went wrong. I am networking right now for a position after I retire.

john stahl
1 year ago

the print is so small I no longer enjoy reading the newsletter. I would have to use a magnifying glass to read it.

1 year ago
Reply to  john stahl

Use the ZOOM feature on your browser.

1 year ago

When I’m doing something and someone tells me there is a law against it I ask them to show me the written law. Unless it’s a park ranger, park owner or other legal eagle. I haven’t had anyone show me one of their pet laws yet. And I’ve never had to tell them to get lost. They figured that part out on their own.

1 year ago

I don’t think too many graphics make it harder to read on a phone, it’s really how it is all formatted. There’s lots of mobile content with heavy pictures, videos and clickable content, but it is optimized for mobile consumption. I will admit, it is EASIER to read the Newsletter on a desktop, but I rarely do that. So, if you have graphic content which enhances the newsletter, bring it on, but focus on adapting the format for mobile devices, and I think you’ll have it nailed down.

1 year ago

Looking for a recipe that was in issue 898 (May 25th). Was for Apple-licious Pork Steaks. I saved the link but now it doesn’t work. Anyone know where it went?

1 year ago
Reply to  RV Staff

Thank you Diane, this link worked and I have saved the recipe.

1 year ago

Re: Slot machines: You have no idea how insidious they really are. The old one armed bandits were mechanical and relied on a certain amount of physical chance — the new ones are not only computerized but networked to the master casino controller computer. Your card isn’t just an electronic debit to your account, but actively tracking you and controlling your gameplay and the machines. If you haven’t won in a while, the master will signal the slot to give you a small payout to keep you playing; if you’re ahead of the casino, the master will tell the machine to not let you win for a while. If you act like you’re about to leave, the master computer will page a waitress to bring you a comp’d snack. Etc. Etc. Etc… the entire casino experience is actively managed and psychologically engineered to keep you losing money at all costs — especially yours.

Re: Self driving cars: As an embedded engineer doing machine vision, I can say three things:
1) Per mile, the computer drives massively better than the average driver. It IS safer to let the computer drive.
2) Error cannot be reduced to zero. Darn close, but not possible. When the one-in-a-trillion accident occurs, people will insist the one-in-10 human was a better driver.
3) The closest we can get to perfectly safe would require 100% of pesky humans to stop driving and introducing anarchy to the system. Humans are not good at giving up control.

Re: Hotheaded Polish Women: I’m married to a Polish woman who carries a pocketknife, and is not a hothead, At least, that’s what she tells me to say, and we had best believe her.

Re: Concrete barriers: The only reason for the concrete barriers is that they are movable between construction sites — they are horribly ineffective compared to cables or even rails (which are middling). Concrete often acts as a ramp up-and-over or simply disconnects from it’s neighbors when hit by a heavy vehicle. I suspect much of concrete’s effectiveness is psychological — people pay better attention when near them.

Re: Litter boxes: The best place to have the litter box is at home… with the cat. Cats are stinky and evil… I have two, so I know.

Re: Saving cellphone batteries boondocking: TURN IT OFF. You’re camping. QED.

1 year ago

“Legislation could give Canadian snowbirds a longer visit”…they stay too long now all the while gritching about the exchange rate outside their fancy RV.

Jim F.
1 year ago
Reply to  Booneyrat

They are spending their money in our USA. Buying our products and keeping Americans working. What the problem?

1 year ago

Comments went offline again this weekend… Sorry folks. We’re really working on it. They are up again now.