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RV Daily Tips. Monday, November 30, 2020

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Issue 1482
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

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Today’s thought

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …” ―Marcus Aurelius

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Mason Jar Day!

On this day in history: 1954 – In Sylacauga, Alabama, United States, the Hodges meteorite crashes through a roof and hits a woman (Ann Hodges) taking an afternoon nap; this is the only documented case in the Western Hemisphere of a human being hit by a rock from space. She survived, with just a large bruise on the side of her body.

Did you see the news? Click here to read the latest issue of the Sunday News for RVers.

Tip of the Day

Try this! Labeling your supplies will save you lots of time

By Nanci Dixon
We store a lot of our cleaning supplies, spray lubricants, fluids, etc., in a large plastic container in one of the storage bays of our motorhome. Before, every time I wanted to get one of these products I was lifting each bottle or can out of the bin to read the label. It was frustrating and time-consuming! Read Nanci’s smart solution here

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Little Guy MaxToday’s RV review…

In today’s column, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new 2021 Little Guy Max Travel Trailer. As he reports, “I like these Little Guy Max trailers. I think the build quality is high, they are very towable and quite pleasant inside. For one or two people they’re a good balance and, heck, you even get a choice of exterior color.” Learn more.

Tony’s reviews from this weekend you may have missed:
Marathon Coach – The multi-million dollar motorhome
2021 inTech Flyer Discover Mini Toy Hauler

For previous RV reviewsclick here.

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RV Electricity – This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

How is my RV grounded?

Dear Mike,
People are always talking about how a bad ground on an RV can cause problems such as a hot-skin condition. So how exactly is an RV grounded? I don’t see a ground rod anywhere. I’m pretty stupid when it comes to electricity, so can you please explain? —Sam (the Sham)

Read Mike’s response.

Short-circuit test demo video
Watch this new short video from Mike, where he lays out the basics of his short-circuit troubleshooting test.

• Join Mike’s Facebook group, RV Electricity.
• Read more of Mike’s articles here.

Dog accidentally changes gears, sending motorhome rolling into lake

This is an RV horror story of just about the worst kind. As a man unhooks his fishing boat from his motorhome on the boat ramp, his dog inside somehow manages to bump the RV into reverse, sending the big Class A rolling into the water. Watch the short, painful video.

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Quick Tip

Under-rig cheapy creepie!

“I always carry what I call a ‘cardboard creeper’ in the bed of my truck. It stands straight up alongside the utility bed out of the way. I just got a new one, made out of the thick cardboard that made up the box our new TV came in. It’s glossy on one side and ‘cardboard’ on the other. Easy to slide around on and great for any kind of under vehicle work. Not so good on wet surfaces, of course.” Hat tip to Tommy Molnar!

Let your drill clean your RV, really!
This is so neat! This 4-piece cleaning brush attachment connects right to your drill – no more scrubbing for you! Deep-clean virtually any surface with hardly any effort. The drill brushes are perfect for grout lines, corners, tiles, tubs, showers, carpets, wooden furniture, windows, shower doors, siding, linoleum, stoves, counters, fiberglass, grills, marble, and more. You can even wash your dishes if you want! Learn more or order here.

Website of the day

TV Food Maps
Watch an episode of something and wonder about the name of the restaurant where they ate? Consult this handy website and see where everyone eats on TV!

Popular articles you may have missed at

Video: Take a spin in a toy hauler? We don’t think this is what they meant
• Hilarious! Couple sings, “Baby it’s COVID outside!”
• Who is responsible for educating the RV park idiots?


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Scientists have finally concluded that the chicken came first because the protein that makes eggshells can only be produced by hens.

Easily repair a tear in your RV’s awning
Left on their own, small vinyl RV awning tears can get bigger. Fixing a small tear in an area, barring a person’s physical limitations, is easy. You may already have what you need for a fix. It’s called “RV GOOP” and is made by the same outfit that developed “GOOP” for shoe repairs. Read more about it here.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Patches loves to travel. She is a big cat at 19 lbs. She has traveled to many states including Alaska, and three provinces of Canada. As you can see by this photo she likes to be in charge as we go down the road. She travels in our truck on travel days and when it’s time to stop she will jump on Kenny’s shoulder and be carried into the 5th wheel. She loves to ride the slide-out each time we set up. Patches is very protective of us and has been known to growl and spit at anyone who comes near, but will calm down. We have a small screened room we put up outside so she can sit with us safely and watch the world go by. She is 5 years old and has traveled since she was 5 months old.” —Kenny and Candy Walker

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter.

Leave here with a laugh

What’s the difference between a dog and a marine biologist?
One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.

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arlene (@guest_104575)
2 years ago

i always thought the egg with a chicken in it came first. there was a very chicken like bird that layed an egg with the now modern day chicken.

Eddie D. (@guest_104521)
2 years ago

So, the first chicken must have come from a non-chicken egg

John Crawford (@guest_105071)
2 years ago
Reply to  Eddie D.

No the first chicken came from God.

Eddie D. (@guest_105252)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Crawford

Via evolution.

John Crawford (@guest_105073)
2 years ago
Reply to  Eddie D.

Is rvtravel censoring my comment that this first chicken came from God?

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  John Crawford

No, it’s still there, John. So I’m not sure what you’re referring to. 🙂 —Diane at

Tom (@guest_104510)
2 years ago

On crawling around and under the coach, a yoga mat is ideal. Cushions and water proof. Rolls up small. Works for me.

Tom (@guest_104509)
2 years ago

My smaller cat,”QIC'” lies in the side window and yells at 18 wheelers. Nothing else, just semi’s.We do travel with 4 cats of various ages and desires.

John (@guest_104505)
2 years ago

“Dog bumps the class A into reverse” how about class A owner didn’t use the brake! And on a boat ramp no less!!!

DW/ND (@guest_104519)
2 years ago
Reply to  John

Hi John: Perhaps he has a GM Auto-Park system. Placing the transmission in “park” also sets the emergency or service brake which is a brake drum/shoes around the driveshaft. Take it out of Park and the brake releases automatically. It’s a very complicated system with rods, springs and valves and electrical – and a fluid reservoir too!

Jim Ransdell (@guest_104497)
2 years ago

Just curious, I’ve often wondered why we don’t see any black people in camp grounds. And that goes for hunters also.. Just curious.

John (@guest_104503)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Ransdell


Russ Wentworth (@guest_104539)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Ransdell

RVtravel had a very interesting article about this topic a few weeks back.

John Crawford (@guest_105072)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Ransdell

Just search “Where are all the Black RVers?”

Jeb (@guest_104494)
2 years ago

I am not fond of cats but Patches seems to be an ideal pet for rivers.

Phil Atterbery (@guest_104490)
2 years ago

The cardboard creeper is an old shadetree mechanics hack but this is probably the first time it’s mentioned here.
Along that same line of thought, I’ve seen ads for a double sided fabric slider mat that allows you to “creep” or slide under a vehicle parked on gravel.
Attn: Santa. This would be perfect for class A owners that don’t have the square footage to store a flat sheet of two or three ply cardboard. The mat rolls up.
Let the holiday shopping begin.

BoinLV (@guest_104515)
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

Any links to share for this?

Marilyn M (@guest_104517)
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

Bought that fabric slider and husband loves it! We now have one in each vehicle plus a spare – they do rip when on gravel.

BoinLV (@guest_104525)
2 years ago
Reply to  Marilyn M

Do you recall where you got them?

TourCrazy (@guest_104611)
2 years ago
Reply to  BoinLV

I bought one of these, I like it.

BoinLV (@guest_104688)
2 years ago
Reply to  TourCrazy

Thanks! Not sure anyone gets notice of replies to their posts?

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  BoinLV

Hi, BoinLV. Commenters can click on the down arrow next to Subscribe above the box where they comment and select either to be notified of “new follow-up comments” or “new replies to my comments.” (I’m not sure why you can’t select both.) Take care, and stay healthy. 🙂 —Diane at

Marty (@guest_104488)
2 years ago

As for the Food TV, as we plan our coming winter trip to the SW we plan on eating at as many of the Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) restaurants that we can. I wonder how many other readers follow Triple D and try to eat at those that Guy has featured on his long running TV show?

Brenda (@guest_104529)
2 years ago
Reply to  Marty

Yes! We enjoy searching for Triple D restaurants when we are traveling. We like to find mom and pop diners and off-the-beaten path areas of interest. Whoever isn’t driving is looking up possibilities for our next stop, reading reviews, and mapping the route. Have fun!

Retired Firefighter Tom (@guest_104545)
2 years ago
Reply to  Marty

My late wife and I stopped at over a half-dozen Triple-D places. Enjoyed every one.

DPHooper (@guest_104487)
2 years ago

Patches is a beautiful cat and assistant.

Glen & Jeanne Scofield (@guest_104471)
2 years ago

I like your use of a quote from Marcus Aurelius. He has been considered the last true “philosopher/king” in the Platonic tradition. As a stoic, he is reported to have asserted that “you can also live well in a palace.” I’d like to try that, just once.

Carl (@guest_104464)
2 years ago

The chicken came first? I don’t think so. There are lots of bird species that lay eggs. Since all dogs descended from wolves and a chihuahua looks nothing like a wolf, it stands to reason that mutations come into play. At some point in evolutionary history, there was a bird that for the sake of differentiation, I will call an “almost a chicken.” It did not have all the characteristics of the first chicken. One day our “almost a chicken” laid an egg in which the final mutation occurred resulting in a bird with all the characteristics of what changed it from an “almost a chicken” to what we now consider a chicken. It hatched from an egg laid by a female “almost a chicken” so in reality the EGG CAME FIRST.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_104468)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl

I like it, Carl. However, I wonder what the time line between something like the Pelagornis sandersi and your “almost a chicken” would have been. And then on to the Chicken.

I think the old question will always remain one of the “mysteries of life”.

livingboondockingmexico (@guest_104469)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl

Modern Chihuahuas originated in Mexico. Like all modern dogs breeds, Chihuahuas trace their evolutionary roots to the gray wolf (Canis lupus)”

Eddie Householder (@guest_104475)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl

God made the chicken. He didn’t say lets go make a batch of eggs and see if they will hatch.

Allen (@guest_104507)
2 years ago

Amen Eddie

GaryM (@guest_104621)
2 years ago

Eddie, You are absolutely correct, as God made Heaven and Earth and all animals enhabit the Earth. Thanks..

Eddie D. (@guest_104684)
2 years ago
Reply to  GaryM

God created evolution.

John Crawford (@guest_105076)
2 years ago
Reply to  Eddie D.

Eddie, there is no evidence for evolution only speculation. There is plenty of evidence for creation.

Robert E. Weed (@guest_104476)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl


Ron H. (@guest_104531)
2 years ago
Reply to  Robert E. Weed

Maybe it’s like the Adam and Eve story. God created a chicken, plopped it down on Earth in a farmyard setting and told it to go forth, lay eggs and multiply.

Bob P (@guest_104482)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl

Since you obviously believe in evolution may I ask you that if there is evolution, how many years do you think buzzards have been eating road kill in the middle of the road? If there is evolution I would think they should’ve evolved enough to know if they would drag their meal off the road they could eat in peace, that would be proof that evolution exists.

David C (@guest_104499)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P

Don’t believe their brains are big enough to think logically. Also, “modern roadkill” has only been around for the past hundred plus years, not enough time to “evolve”?!?!?!

Kev (@guest_104504)
2 years ago
Reply to  David C

Wow now we are discussing how smart a buzzard is this rv newsletter has really gone down hill in the last few months

Ron H. (@guest_104532)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kev

It’s just evolution

Rick Petzak (@guest_104534)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ron H.

Luv the humor!!

KellyR (@guest_104535)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kev

Well, Kev, I guess you just have to consider how many ‘old buzzards’ read this news letter.

Matt Johnson (@guest_104591)
2 years ago
Reply to  KellyR

Now that’s funny

Brian R (@guest_104533)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P

Evolution is a long process. How long do you think roads have been around where it was an issue for buzzards?

John Crawford (@guest_105075)
2 years ago
Reply to  Carl

I’m sorry to inform you that mutations destroy the DNA not enhance it. Mutations will not improve the species or make it better.

Eddie D. (@guest_105253)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Crawford

It works both ways. Mutations make it possible for bacteria to resist antibiotics.

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