Thursday, March 23, 2023


Yet another stupid RVer trick! Please rate it after watching

Here we go again, with another installment of “Stupid RVer Tricks.” In this one, a driver in a limousine races across a stretch of desert, then aims straight for the mid-section of a Class C motorhome. Will he make it? Will he die in the process? You’ll need to watch the video for the answer.

We have shown you many Stupid RVer Tricks throughout the years. We believe this may qualify to be in the Top 25 stupidest. One commenter on the video’s posting on YouTube wrote: “When your foreign friends ask what American culture is about, show them this.” Oh, we are sorry to admit there’s likely some truth to that.

Another commenter wrote, “This is what I was born to see,” followed by the equally relevant “America’s back on the menu, boys.”

Okay, time to watch the video. After it’s finished, please respond to the question below, so we can score this to determines if it qualifies for our “Stupid RVer Tricks Hall of Fame.”

Warning: There are some words near the end that your Mom told you to never say.

Another Stupid RVer Trick: Motorhome Mud Bogging!


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1 year ago

I would like to see them try that with
A Forest River with a steel frame.

1 year ago

Maybe a Darwin Award Nominee??!!??

1 year ago

Well planned stupid trick. Good way to dispose of junker RVs before they get parked in the inner cities of America.

1 year ago

Unpopular opinion, this is rather a stupid limo trick.

1 year ago

Seriously, put it in that Hall of Fame for Stupid RV tricks. I’m sure if all those involved put their collective minds together to try something else for YouTube fame they could find it…or maybe not?

Bob P
1 year ago

Indeed this is stupid but not any worse than some of the things we’ve watched in the past such as Evil Kneevil’s stunts. This stunt looks like amateurs trying to become famous. I’ve seen better on ABCs America’s Funniest Videos.

James Lagasse
1 year ago

If it was set up by amateurs it is indeed stupidly squared but if they are professionals, well done. YouTube has made many a person seek out 15 minutes of fame, this looky what I can do attitude has resulted in many injuries because they can’t think things all the way through.

1 year ago

Loved it. Especially when the RV drove away at the end.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

I agree Dan. Looked to me like the limo was set up with strong screening to prevent debris from entering the driver’s compartment. I liked it. Would I do it? Probably not, but age plays a big role in that. And like you, Dan, I was impressed with the RV driving away under its own power.

Duane R
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

I believe it took some math skills to determine where to park the RV, and calculate terminal speed, so that the limo would go through the RV above the floor, giving it the path of least resistance. This was not simply Bubba wanting to pull of the stunt.

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