How to add an instant bathtub to your shower


Some people are just plain creative. They see opportunities where others see obstacles (or more likely don’t see anything special at all).

If you have a shower in your RV that doesn’t double as a bathtub and you crave a bath, then here’s a quick, simple way to allow your shower to do double-duty. Simply head out to your nearest big box store and buy a cheap, children’s inflatable swimming pool! This photo is not very good quality (we’re not even sure where we found it), but you get the idea.

Okay, it may not be the biggest bathtub, but in more spacious showers it might be fairly close to the real deal.

This would be really useful for bathing a child. Or heck, you could even keep some live bait in it, too.

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When we were traveling with small children we had a large plastic “bushel basket” type washtub that fit nicely inside the shower. It had handles on the top so it could be picked up and poured out to drain it. It was the perfect size for a small child to take a bath in. It doubled as a tub to give our dog a bath outside as well. We also set our hexagon-shaped fish tank down in it when traveling in case the tank tipped over (which it never did).

Sharon B

That pool bath tub is the best idea yet!


I travel with my plants. I put them in the shower on the road to protect them and the trailer from spills. The pool might offer better protection from the plants falling over b


Or even wash chickens or ducks in it if you are traveling to a poultry show

M. Will

A great idea until it develops a leak. And how exactly do you remove the water from it after it is filled? If that thing did leak inside of your RV you’d be basically up the creek!!

Randy Shrimplin

and when done you simply stab the bottom of it with your pocket knife to drain!

Ray Leissner

Looks good but its risky. The round plastic kiddy pool is meant to hold water at full extension. When not fully extended the sidewalls must depend on the shower walls for support. Are they strong enough? Maybe but they were not designed for it. Plus plastic is prone to puncture. I would not fill it over the top of the shower doorway. One Oops and you have a major mess.

John M

Looks like a good idea if you have small kids. The only problem I see using a swimming pool like that is most don’t have a drain plug. It looks like it could be a problem draining without making a mess. Maybe it could be easier if you had a siphon hose .