Saturday, October 23, 2021


Video: “Five lessons I learned in 5 years of RVing”

Carolyn of the YouTube Channel Carolyn’s RV Life, has lived on the road in an RV for five years. She’s traveled alone in 30 states and put 70,000 miles on her small Class C motorhome.

In this video, she shares the top five lessons she’s learned in her travels. Actually, she tosses in a sixth lesson, as you will see if you click the video.



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Benny H Smith
4 months ago

I think its easy for some to miss the points conveyed in number six. But Carolyn seamed honest and wants to share the experience of life in an RV. Everything is right with that. I recommend she check out the convergences with xcapers. Great people (couples mostly, but some solo) full & part timers who work while RVing. They get together a few times a year and share thier RV and work life on the road. Its a welcoming community. Just a thought.

4 months ago

Glad I went to the comments first. Half hour of my time better spent on the rest of RV travel news.

Larry Lee
5 months ago

Wow! Some people can take 28 minutes to tell me 5 minutes worth of information.

Bill T
5 months ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

I know eh? All I need is the info short and sweet with any links that they have. As a side note, it gets pretty old fast watching people mess with their hair all the time. Filming in the desert, try wearing a hat.

4 months ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Thanks for the heads up, I am a half hour ahead of the game now! 🙂

Carol Smith
4 months ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Yes, she goes a long way to say very little. I used to watch her channel some. But her political add-ins drove me away. I thought surely this topic would be free of that, but no. One of the things she says she learned is (paraphrasing): Wow! People in red states are nice! Who’d a thought it!